Anne Rice Gives Up Vampire Novels.

😦 She wrote some of the best vampire literature ever…she did them justice.

But if she does not want to write more *as I’ve noticed her recent works are lacking in writing-power and enthusiasm* and continue and write about Christian and Godly novels…it is her choice.

It is a turning point in literature.

Twilight, I feel, is taking over like a black brainwashing cloud…

It will be up to me and others to bring back good, serious and wonderful vampire fiction and art. Because the future of the genre will now be completely filled with emo-teenager-love-stories-with-vampires-set-in-modern-times. 😦

Soon we shall step up to the plate and make vampirism an art-form again.

Enjoy the sad and classic song Baker Street, which reminds me of this current prediciment.


4 Responses to “Anne Rice Gives Up Vampire Novels.”

  1. anettetepesdracula Says:


    R.I.P Lestat de Lioncourt, Louis, and Armand.. @};-

    May you rest well. 😦

  2. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

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