Yanni and Baker Street


Yanni: A romantic piano-based composer who has fame for making beuatiful melodies that couples love. Very good stuff. He know how to market himself.

Gerry Rafferty: A band form the 70’s. Rock, saxophone and guitar. Classic.

This is one of Yanni’s hits, If I Could Tell You.

This is Gerry’s main hit and classic rock song Baker Street.

Notice something? Like…melody stealing?

Gerry was way, way before Yanni by the way.


5 Responses to “Yanni and Baker Street”

  1. Yes, I picked this up the first time I heard the Yanni song, though I very much doubt it was deliberate and Yanni’s music is, by and large, quite excellent and the line up of quality musicians he had at that concert was something else. Well worth getting the DVD if you like watching great musicians doing what they do best – not quite up to the standard of “My Lovely Horse”, but then again – what is?

    Your second video’s been taken down now, btw.

    RIP Gerry.

    • Of course it wasn’t deliberate. XD He is a very good musician and knows how to market himself and provide great entertainment.

      I forgot I made this post, its rather old.

  2. Bryan M.Holly Says:

    if you think this is outrageous melody theft look into Andrew Lloyd Weber stealing the main riff from the last movement of “Echoes” by Pink Floyd for the main theme of “Phantom of the Opera”. This instance is much, much worse.

    • Hahah I knew of that one, but think of Pink Floyd themselves homaging the theme of Doctor Who in “One Of These Days” the only difference is that its a classic tune from their time, but I sorta disagree with you about the Webber one. I have heard the same theme from the ending of Echoes in many other songs, from rock songs predating Webber and after. Its a chromatic scale with a powerful anthemic interpret, quite common really. Its just that both songs are famous so people notice the similarities even more. It may be Webber listened to Echoes in his lifetime and took it, or perhaps subconsciously, but he may have gotten the influences from other songs and orchestral pop-works as well.

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