Becoming MewThree: Dream 5-18-09

Dream 5-18-09.

As I remember, me and my family were in the Detroit Science Center. We went to the ground floor, and there was a giant, plastic labyrinth, besides that was a laboratory. As I floated upward with my sister, I looked down int he middle. There was a grave of Mewtwo, and lower in front of it was a deep, water pit where is essence and nervous system was extracted, filled with trash since it’s been a long time.

Going back, the labratory next to the labyrinth of see-through plastic was abandoned, and behind me was a set of boulders from the movie Tron. There, hovering around it, were two people in yellow-blue outfits which, in my dream, thought they were cosplaying Tron. They signed and my mom rejoiced some autographs, and told us of the legend. Mewtwo would rise again with his mate and Mew.

We left, and went to our personal space ship. It was dark and yet shiny, ridiges…hard to explain. Reminded me of the Empire in Star Wars. I felt scared, since we were now in space, in our spaceship, and it felt like REALITY.

Dad was then looking through a virtual holographic catalog of new space-centers *basically market squares of the ship for people to chat and etc* There was new designs besides this black and silver one. A girl with cat ears and a bobbed pink hair cut was enquiring about the museum, and I guessed she was asking about the reborn of Mew, and we connected, frightened we were to be reborn as Mewthree and Mew.

We then went to a school near the science center, where I was trying to find out where I could take my AP Art History. Eventually, I found it, and started doing it…but somehow I was pushed unto the table, in the lab at the science center, and having my nervous system extracted by a machine!

Limp and having a hole in my back, red and blue threads and fibers of my being were pulled out, and I saw MewTwo rise again, and I, in that tomb placement, and the other woman turned into Mew, and I myself into a pink and teal MewThree.

I had not wanted to be reborn into this form, just for the purpose of being a female with MewTwo.


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