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Disney Buying Marvel Comics

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’tis true!


This could mean potential bad news but, it appears, mostly good for the Marvel comics industry, Disney is buying plenty of shares of the company. Together Marvel Comics and Disney will use Disney’s fine team of professionals to further their business, merchandising and other such things.

However when one thinks of Marvel, one thinks of the badass X-men, of Spiderman and the Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Thor. Classic characters of our modern culture and fantastic adventures still stocking our bookstore shelves. Why would Marvel need Disney to help it along? They certainly make enough off movie companies with successful film franchises, further burgeoning along the comic book boom. *though I have noticed that it’s DC that’s been winning, with Batman and Superman graphic novels that seem to be more intelligent and captivating…not to mention Smallville and The Dark Knight.*

Then one thinks of Disney for children entertainment, Winnie the Pooh and Miley Cyrus. However Disney isn’t as innocent as you think nor is it just animation and pop stars. More and more Disney’s image is becoming many, many things and an important growing part of the business world, an industry-power. With the acquisition of Marvel, Disney now has the ability to further put Marvel in the spotlight with more merchandising, ideas, etc. I believe this is a ploy for both companies: Disney gaining a new ally under it’s belt in industry-domination and Marvel to ‘gain more speed’ in it’s Cold War race with DC Comics. Plus, Marvel itself is catering towards kids anyways.

Dream 8-31-09: The Master takes over our House

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Dream 8-31-09.

It was the dark parking lot of some K-mart, and me, the Doctor, and Kitleigh walked into my bedroom in the building! It was half dark inside and the walls were brown. We sat on the bed as the Doctor explained the Master was coming. We all felt a feeling of anticipation and dread. Chatting with Kitleigh’s parents, they left, and soon she did in the night, leaving me to read a Doctor Who magazine while the Doctor slept under the covers of my bed.

Soon I heard noises, the steathly footsteps of The Master. I thought I was prepared for this, but when he walked in and said ‘Hello!’ I was stammering, my lip trembling and the magazine I was reading. After two tries to say ‘Hello Master’ with only the sucess of ‘Mnmnmnmnma!’ I finally said it, the Master giving me a quizzical look and was standing over the Doctor, pulling the covers back to see him.

“Well, Elizabeth, you’ll have to go to sleep now.” He said and touched my forehead, whereupon I keeled over on the bed to my side, half awake. I heard the Doctor say ‘don’t hurt her!’ and some other gibberish, and I let my eyes close.

When I opened my eyes almost immediately we were in the kitchen, and I watched The Master lay out plans of puting humans in these Dalek-shaped costumes, forever toiling at different factory work, turning themselves into mindless machines! And there *our kitechen became way bigger* was two rows of three, with brushes in their wheels, all different colors going back and forth, mindless. *Fabio was even among them* However there was no one in the middle. That was for me.

The Master turned his back and I began to run. I clambered through windows, down into the basement and out again and up the outside wall to the roof! However The Master was either a step ahead of me, forcing me to change my direction or he was behind me, always seeing where I was going. I climbed the windows, different parts of our house, leaping about scared half to death but he was there, always there, looking quite angry and armed with that laser screwdriver.

Eventually, stuck on the roof by a nail he dragged me down the stairs and put me to work, stuffed into the red Dalek. I was but a human, and he wouldn’t care if I was dead or alive! His attentions are for hte Doctor. There, scrubbing the deck now loosing any thought of my past humanity I escaped and was running down the yard, to the wall. The wall was the safeplace in my dreams, and there I was, going down to the left to clamber over and into the white-brick passageway I hoped was freedom. I had the faint idea that when he does take over the world, I’ll still be out there easily blown up or captured. Hell if he wanted right now he could blow up the whole area, hoping I’m near a blast.

Turning around I saw my dad coming towards the wall! He escaped too! But as I went up and down the brickstone path, climbing a few odd steps and the way getting more dangerous with electric fencing on the sides Dad, catching up, wasn’t talking like dad. I had unfortunately was letting him closer and closer, and he was talking like “So, escaping hmm? Indeed…”

There was a pile of rubble blocking the path now. It was too late for me I thought, and went to the side of the wall, knowing that it was the Master, not my father, standing in front of me.

He threatened to kill me and, well, what else could I do? I begged I wouldn’t escape again and I would willingly get into the machine to become that. I begged over and over until he said yes…but not without some pain. He aimed the screwdriver and electricity from the fencing zapped me. It was powerful, but it was only half a second so it wouldn’ kill me. My scream was delayed and I had the sense my eyeballs had gone white for a few moments as my body spazzed and writhed on the brick, violently.

Sadly I followed him back to the house, clambering inside, hooked up and looking out the holes in the costume. Then Jennifer, a friend of the family came in! I was wondering when the Master would shoot her or not, since it was strange having two strangers in our house with these robots everywhere and wondering where our family is. The Master was very annoyed at her.

And then the dream ended…strangely enough!

John Simm as the Master returns to Doctor Who.

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For all you Doctor Who fans…and of John Simm…and especially The Master…
I have found  spoilers for the Doctor Who special where Tennant is to be ‘killed off’ and regnerate into the 11th Doctor for the offical season of Doctor Who next year. The new Doctor will be portrayed by Matt Smith.

But how will he regenerate for this final showdown episode this Christmas?

The Master returns, blonde and evil as ever to kill him off.

Link to article of this supreme awesomeness.

The summary of the trailer of this TV special has been provided, as the trailer was shown at the Comic-con this year.

And then there was the trailer for Tennant’s final two-parter, which appears to be called “The End Of Time”:

We see the planet Earth from space, with the sun coming out behind it, and Timothy Dalton’s voice purrs: “It is said that in the final days of the planet Earth, everyone had bad dreams.” And then we see weird laughing faces, followed by David Tennant looking quite perturbed. We see glimpses of Wilf, Donna, Donna’s mother, and an African man in a suit, all looking very serious. And there’s a scary snake-faced creature. And then there’s a figure in a dark hoodie lurking ominously. Dalton narrates: “He returns.” We catch a glimpse of Ood Sigma, the Ood who told the Doctor his song was ending. And then the Doctor standing in the background, with the guy in a hoodie in the foreground. And then the hoodie comes off, and it’s John Simm with his hair weirdly bleached! His voice comes: “My name is the Master.” And then a title comes on the screen: “THE END OF TIME.” And the Doctor walks forward with flames in the background, his face looking smoky and serious. And the title says “CHRISTMAS 2009.” And the crowd goes wild.

Russell T. Davies did confirm that Lucy Saxon, the Master’s long-suffering wife, will be back in the final episodes, alongside Simms. And the words “He will knock four times” have a great significance.

And so there we have it. He will knock four times. You Are Not Alone.

I am so very, very excited for Christmas!

EDIT: Here my friends…I give you, the trailer bootlegged from a watcher at Comic-con.

EDIT AGAIN: New news regarding Simm’s word on after the filming.

Dream 8-11-09: Swamp and VHD

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Dream 8-11-09.

The beginning was the garden. The garden however, behind the grove o our yard was a swamp with pond weeds and scum. I was boated on floating sticks across the unknown depths of the bad water to the old fashioned pick up truck where stacks upon stacks of unknown, made-up gray Pink Floyd album and a tall tower of ceramic bowls tied with twine.  However the truck moved, and they fell into the water! Dad would be so mad!

I went to step on the sticks to get them and to shore, however my sister wouldn’t toss me them. So I leaped, and waded in the shallow water to shore. The shore being the back of our shed.

As I walked with my sister it was dark out, and where the other sheds were was farther away and a cottage. I was reading a Vampire Hunter D book where it said this village the Noble gives all the boys entering the village a test in these caves before he decides if one is to be at his pleasure. “He has a, shall we say, fondness for the males.” My sister giggled as I read it aloud.

Soon the image of Vampire Hunter D in a red tight weird hole…locked in and it looks like a red, smoother inside of a large geode. Well, next was a yellow and a blue one, with two rabbity creatures dying. Soon the vision ended and the vampire Noble *who looked like Count in the first VHD book* soon was carrying weakened D under his arm. The Noble had a greenish fine frock coat with yellowish long lacy sleeves, and D’s face was being twisted and distorted for a few moments…nonetheless I was being taken along by an invisible leash. The Noble was also bi, not gay. He had to keep up appearances anyways by having some lady!

We were led inside by some servants to the cottage, as the Noble went to a large sink and counter in the woods for his medicine. We sat at a table *familiar from the house I went to two days ago* and soon he returned with those delicious Chinese dumplings with the chives!

I ate alot of them, worried for D, and when the Noble left to get some of my ‘old friends’ D told me these were drugged with sleep drugs. The Noble meant for me to sleep while he had D…which was not very nice considering int he REALITY of the canon, Vampire Hunter D is basically invincible, and it would certainly be impossible really to rape him.

At this point the door opened and somehow I had short black hair. Outside looked in two ‘old friends of mine’ *who I had never seen before* a Pansy-flower faced lady in blue and another with dark hair in yellow.

I rubbed my head as the door immediately shut, somehow removing my straight short black hair out of a weird tie in the front, and I was wearing red. Then I was feeling loopy, strange colors as the drug took effect. Immediately I wandered into a room *again, familiar from my grandma’s house* with D, and I had a split person of myself, a hologram of a yellow dancing man on the wall. I flopped on the bed I was to share with the Noble and D *it could fit 3 as the Noble always expected* and soon fell asleep.

At this pointI woke up, once again. But went right back to sleep!

And so the dream weirdly continued. I flew to the garden and the edge of our swamp to the right. It was an airforce base where I worked. I landed, looking and walking about, past the All-Women’s-Air-Force unit with a meeting in the cockpit of a fighter plane. I watched the workers, taking over the night shift into the morning, clear and work at the desk I had worked at *supposedly* earlier in the night. All was fine as the sun rose over the morphing-in-size, bustling airport.

The End.

Dream 8-9-09: Pennywise *again* and Samurai Tickler

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Dream 8-9-09.

It all began when I headed down a trail *the trail at a familiar church in Franklin Village, MI* and there was a concrete garage-building. Inside was my art desk, and there I sat with the one light bulb and some regular square windows drawing a red-headed Playbunny, art styled.  I headed back up the path getting ideas for drawings of Princess Peach and Bowser.

Turning back, my garage place was much bigger, but there were Renaissance people messing it up! They soon left when I returned, and the building grew bigger and bigger. Half of it had no roof and lost some walls, and overlooked a familiar dream landscape *a giant pool, and now part outside of a giant building warehouse.* I looked and was going to put my desk and orange giant chalk sticks somewhere with the good lighting when a samurai was running towards me!

I ran, past my mom who was there and to my right unto a field. I ran on the grass, tumbling and looking back. As the Samurai pinned and tied me up I had a good view of the large building. It looked like an office building, and inside I knew Kitleigh lived in there. There was the pool, the ruins of the garage building, etc. and rolling hills.

Then the Samurai started tickling me! I knew several days were passing, as I was for ransom and there were lies I wanted to be tied up with red ribbon in a baby crib…anyways, the tickling was getting unbearable, crying and laughing under his feet.

Limp and tied, I was soon dragged to the front steps of some house. Looking up…I came face to face with a fearsome foe, Pennywise.

He was like the book version with slicked back orange hair. However his eyes were a ghastly yellow and had a purple nose and lips. Her leered looking out the window of the door. I immediately made my way to crawl and run away.

Screaming I started worming and crawling through the meadow towards the very close pool. I knew he was behind me and in a short amount of time I had made it, rolling and squirming to the water. I turned into a penguin, and dove in, swimming as fast as I can through the deep water. I paid no attention to the dead albatross at the bottom, for it would make me sick, and already I was freaking out and staying near the surface. Soon I had made it into the dock, which led to the wonders of the ware-house city.

Turning human under the large alcove of the dock, I clung to the wall, meeting a few children. Pennywise apparently stalked the city-building freely, killing someone almost every night.  With them, I proceeded to ask for assistance about this. None gave.

I turned into the building, walking down the hallway and past the aisles of homes and the upper overlooking stories. It became dark the people went to their respect sorted ‘communities’ and to sleep, hiding from the stalking of the clown. There were the robos, the ravers, the normal ones, and other different types of persons of humanoid shapes. I was left alone in the pale yellow light of the hanging lamps.

I flew, flying towards the back with inflatable balloons at the top level of the big aisles. There I saw Pennywise eating a child on the back of a floating bear! But Pennywise had taken the form of a lithe, bright pink figure without hair. It turned into a mean, obnoxious woman and I knew it had seen me.

I flew, breath heavy and fast towards the otherwise with more balloons. I hid, snuggled, hoping he didn’t find me. But alas it was not so. I flew around, looking to escape as the blonde flying and toothed obnoxious-lady Pennywise was after me!

I reached the dock, landed in the shallow water.  She attacked and pinned me down. However there was a silly roleplay I had with my friend awhile ago…in reality that is. In it, we added the idea Pennywise has a foot fetish. Quickly I began sucking Penny’s toes, and he was immediately subdued. As soon as I could, I lept through the door, and away to safety!

At this point the dog had woke me up, but then I went back to sleep and continued.

Soon the warehouse-city was different. It appears there was some time past, and when I entered the city there was a floating sex doll of me! I was angry and went to the back corner, looking over this thing Pennywise had made of me. However it soon morphed into a someone I didn’t know, and then, well, I proceeded to…use it. I went into a dark corner, floating in between the crates, seemingly pulled and ordered to do so.

However apparently that was a criminal offense. In a blink of an eye I was in a rusty stall, facing the brick and half-plaster wall with my limbs chained to it. If I turned my arms twisted behind me, and since I could float and turn it kept me there, floating and chained. I could sit on a crate. I was naked, along with the rest of the inmates.

It was like bathroom stalls, with in this long corridor with only a wide, open barred window at the end. Time had passed of course and I knew this was one of the aisles of prisoners. The minor crimed ones, anyways. There were only a few people among the prison stalls, teenagers really. Beyond were the other corridors I couldn’t see with higher crimes.

Somehow I escaped! The place was much different, and as I floated along I had to hide my dirty, rust covered naked self from my grandma and uncles from the restaurant they were from. Quickly I made my way past the concert in the green room in the wall, and towards the locker room to get some clothing.

I was stopped however by my parents who came to rescue me. They got permission and I floated. The locker safes were either on the walls in the room or suspended from chandeliers. My number was 53, and I got a gray toga set that barely hung on me. Following my parents, we set out to be rid of this place.

The End.