Dream 9-3-09: Driving to Easter Town

Dream 9-3-09.

I had to drive my brother and sister to orchestra rehearsal on the highway, but somehow it went that we were going to Easter Town, a traditional place in our culture. However I got on freeway 25, not 24, and soon in the bright sunny day went on the exit to go across unto the right freeway, in trouble for being lost. But the exist was closed and fenced off.

Soon, we were at Easter with my family. It was there that people were mauled to death by a werewolf, who was actually Robin Williams! We were taking a tour of a building, and in the bush we passed was Robin Williams.  Also Doctor Who was with us.

When we turned the corner there was a portrait and two peacock colored fairies, mostly green, flew out into another portrait of a fine black haired lady, lit by a lamp on the opposing wall. She was the fairy queen and we all backed away warily, whereupon leaving the Doctor to diplomat with her why she sent the werewolf. Somehow, the Doctor became, well, naked! WE left them arguging.

We met back in this kitchen, whereupon we were thinking, who was the werewolf? Well the Doctor had his suspicion it was Robin…

The end. !!


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