Doonesbury and Candorville

I was a little icked in my opinion at the Doonesbury comic in today’s paper, comparing Obama’s pressing to reform and provide a natural government service for healthcare to all citizens…with the Nazi’s genocide of the Jews.

In contrast there was also the Candorville comic which using an exaggeration but true happenstances when one is needing a hospital and your corperation-run healthcare insurence, which are institutions to get money not to truly care for your health are picky and restricted with business policies have here in the comic, and in reality, killed people because it is not a natural government service and right for you to go to a hospital so your life can be saved…which is what Obama is trying to reform.

Two very different opinions. Doonesbury notes and dislikes Obama’s socialist step to provide a government service while Candorville encourages Obama’s health care reformation. Socilism fears and health care reform. Exaggerations and truths. Opinions and politics.

4 Responses to “Doonesbury and Candorville”

  1. Michael F. Hopkins Says:

    Respectfully, the author completely misread the Doonesbury Sunday segment concerning Obama’s reflections, which were in clear contrast to the brutality and mindlessness of Nazi aggression. Trudeau, in one of his impeccable feats of Sequential satire, shows the alarming foolishness of those who scream “Fascism” every time the President advocates progressive change. The difference between Hitler (who advocated bigotry, corruption, and wholesome slaughter) and Obama (who advocates tolerance, responsibility and community) could not be greater than depicted in this cartoon. We see the Nazi as a ranting madman, and (albeit humorously) the President who employs thought-provoking speeches. No doubt which one is for Humanity.

    Truth be told, the Doonesbury and Candorville pages serve kindred ends. The Candorville page skillfully addresses the necessity of reform. The Doonesbury page skillfully denounces those fear merchants who forever denounce reformers. Points to be learned from pointed pictures.

    • I considered the Doonesbury comic to be a flip-sided coin. If you stand back and look at it you can very much see that it either appears to support Obama with contrasting the Nazi regieme but at another view you find it also appears to even compare. For purposes to compare and some political-spurred emotion I felt it was a comparison, since the mood around me and even a few classmates in Civics class constantly condemn how ‘evil’ Obama is, so naturally I felt angry at their ignorance and saw more levels of ignorance in Doonesbury because of this, without acknowledging that this could be viewed as either contrast-or-compare. I used ‘compare’ for my 17 year old typing in my little-known blog. I apoligize for being seen as stupid for not writing about the good political statement in that panel. I am only young and have not taken the time to study Doonesbury as a whole to find out the general feel of his comics are and have been.

  2. Michael F. Hopkins Says:

    Thank you for your prompt and heartfelt response. Reading that, I
    have a greater understanding of how your piece came about (I’m
    frequently confronted by this well-to-do person who frets about
    Obama because -wildly enough- she doesn’t want the U.S. to
    develop a more equitible health care program! Worse – she has
    illnesses that require serious attention!). Too many people who
    need change the most fear it when it comes. Crazy but true.

    Encouraging you to explore Doonesbury for all it’s worth, I would
    point out that you have decades of an abundantly excellent saga
    awaiting you. Trust me, Doonesbury is top reading for those in
    search of a more thoughtful world.

    For the record, I don’t see you as stupid at all. However we differ on
    Trudeau’s Obama vs Hitler sequence, you led with well-spoken concern,
    and that’s refreshing in this world of self-serving rants and vested sound bytes. Besides, your points on Candorville were straight on the money,
    and all your points show a drive and focus that most “older” writers
    could use more, particularly in these days and times.

    You keep honing your expression, and keep your spirit strong! You’re only going to grow sharper and deeper and better. You’re already quite good…

    • Thank you!

      My dad has alot, if not all, much of the collection of his work from the many many years. However I only glanced through them as a kid completely oblivious, and haven’t looked and read form them since. Perhaps now I should in-between college work.

      I am also grateful that your response is also intelligent and does not spur me into any feelings of anger. I cherish any such conversation as this style is certainly lacking in people, so seems in my experiences! And, grateful you accepted my defense when positioned my viewpoint at my level to figure that particular Trudeau’s work out.

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