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Dream 10-27-09: The Abducting Dracula

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Dream 10-26-09


My dream revealed the anxieties of my Italian class and the fear of being abducted and abused by movie character, pre-code, that don’t look sexy but yet as older experienced dapper men they still ARE a potent sexual symbol. Typical of Halloween nature a man who was a mix of John Carridine’s Dracula and Vincent Price had come to call. And so the dream begins.

I had run to the garden while my family was chatting, and my sister was escaping with me! I took this moment to return to the imaginary eddies and secrets of the wall that led to *previous dreams* Wonderland. This Dracula man was coming for me, and I felt a mix of fear and yet excitement I had returned to a popular dream-landscape. I went through the edge of the right wall into a chamber for the elephants, which led into a building of chambers and boiler, science-room pipes. Down the stairs and through dark lit corridors of black and rust I went, and I had actually emerged at the left side of the wall at our property, high in the air looking at our garden backyard! From there I hid in a sort of outhouse, to the side because the clutter in the room was deep. As I heard talking below, my parents with these ‘Italians’ I felt fear as Carridine-Dracula man *we’ll just call him Carridine* was closer and closer, peering into the room. I held my breath, and thankfully he didn’t see me. However when he went into the cabin room he peered through the sliver in the wall, seeing me while I pretended that he didn’t.

Too late, he dragged me out and proceeded to chase me again with ill-intent! I soon felt he and these other people were bandits that looked, well, stereotypically Mexican. I was quite afraid of what he was ogiung to do to me. In fact I stopped once I was back on the grassy ground because somehow, he did molest me with some magical ‘penitration without actual’. I felt very weird and violated, even though there was no suddenness or anything obviously  motioning sexual.

There I know was a blur in my memory of the dream, but now we were in a fish store in the evening. My family including grandma was there, and along the walls of the dimly lit, green place were the small cabin-rooms like what I hid in. I looking at the giant Oscar fish for sale, my siblings running around with me like were we young, screaming, enthusiastic children again. But Carridine was there, with a stern look, pretending like he wasn’t planning something terrible. I do however recall like many dreams I have had wearing a sheet, not over my head but making my arms flap, and I felt smaller sized like a bird. But, that was a short-lived vision.

As my family went outside in the dark parking lot, me and my sister went into the corner room. There was a door we went through, through a hallway that was to the right, and into a nice yellow-lit tent-room where a red-headed man was playing cello, and there were bass and celli strewn about. I thought this was a perfect plan to get rid of Mr. Carridine, for a door opened at the far wall, which opened to the direct view to the store-front door, and Mr. Carridine with glowing eyes was walking calmly, evilly towards where he just saw me. My sister was laughing and such, so I went to plan to escape. I flew back through the hallway to the cabins, whereupon the sides of them at the roof tops were open! I flapped my way silently and quickly through, mostly hidden as Carridine several fish tank rows away was going towards the entrance to the tent he just saw, where he hoped to find  me. Fat chance, I had just floated *mistankeningly NOT LOOKING BACK TO SEE IF HE SAW ME* to the open circle window of the door, and viola, I was flapping in the parking lot.

I saw my brother comatose in our Volvo, and that was not right! As I bounced and flapped my way to go to the right, and hide in the rafters of the building I was strangely moving slow…and tired…and…

Now with a blink I was suspended over a pool in the building, as some orange goldfish swam around in it. I was of course terrified, tied up over it and him gloating at the edges of this pool. My parents were there lamenting and arguing, as Carridine was wanting to have his way with me and have me his wife!

Then there was a strange sort of events. I went on about how in a previous dream *that doesn’t exist to my memory* he wrote letters saying he was a ‘honey’ (gay) and therefore I was always completely safe around him. But then he revealed in the letters he was not and actually quite a vicious sex fiend. I felt stunned and wailing at trusting him too much, and now look where I was, I was hanging by a rope while politics ensued about me.

I know his face is kinda…wild but I would never think to be afraid of him. I thought his Dracula quite comically-serious-British, not my type! I guess I was wrong? I certainly, considering how he’s dressed and such a manner, would not think him to be a character that was exclusivly interested in marrying a screaming American 17 year old like me? Especially in a dream? Those notsogood movies I saw with him in it must have affected me deeper than I thought.

Beware the Grease-painted Ones

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As last month’s post, I had found a lovely blog for clowns and clown enthusiasts, clownalley.blogspot. However in contrast…I have found a general opposite to this serious happy-normal clown blog. I found a website dedicated to the media and works of clowns projected as, well, evil.

Disturbing real news articles, pictures, artwork, links, games, etc. This place homages to all things anti-clown, whether making fun of them, fueling your Coulrophobia, or dabbling in the beauty of nasty evil clowns in art, movies, video games.

Another aspect of things to do with evil clowns is the popularity spurt recently. The 80’s and early 90’s had a peak of the evil clown subject in our entertainment with many slasher and horror movies/books  such as Clownhouse, Killer Klowns from Outer Space and IT. The 90’s then continued to a lesser-degree of the evil clown archetype by having some evil clowns in video games, and are now adopted as a cannocal ‘meme’, I would say, along with zombies, vampires, pirates, ninjas, etc.

Since the 2000’s however the rise of ‘evil clownage’ has become quite high. DC comics have become more and more mainstream and known and with it the popularity of the Joker, and evil clown, with not even help from the success of The Dark Knight. The ‘cannocal meme’ of evil clowns in video games, media, and internet meme has continued further and further. Pre-made D&D adventures sometimes are a plot of an evil carnival. Gothic music and horror musicians following from the fore-father Alice Cooper’s steps make music about evil clowns as a popular subject. There is talk of a new movie version of Stephen King’s IT. There has been an increase thusly of Coulrophobia, as the clown styles have changed. Modern birthday clowns usually don’t wear as much ‘augustian’ white face, but that is not only for reasons of society’s fear and picking-on their trade.

Certainly the traditional heavily painted faces of clowns from, say, the 50’s is definitely more prone to frighten people than the not-so white-faced clowns of today.

Lou Jacobs Soodles the Clown


With all this in mind, I have seen the proof myself. Last time in a Halloween store was 2007; not alot of pre-packaged clown costumes. Now in 2009 where I visited two different Halloween costume companies I was surprised at the amount of vile clown masks, decorations, makeup, costumes and etc. of all varieties. There were evil mime and harlequin outfits, vicious skull jesters of two colors, almost-Pennywise faced masks, blood-thirsty jesters, hanging dummies of motion-activated clowns that roared with maniacal laughter when passed by. Luckily there was even more assortment of normal, regular clown costuming and makeup, but that was less attractive than the expensive if you, say, wanted to become a chainsaw-massacreing birthday clown. Certainly the popularity of The Dark Knight that came out last year has certainly helped this influx along into another peak of popularity widespread; Evil clowns are the in thing. And now the internet meme of the zombie clown from the popular Zombieland movie that just came out has assured us that evil clowns are to stay awhile longer.

The Psychology of Edward Cullen

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Oh what have we found…

My Realm of Fantasy magazine for December 2009 came yesterday, and so I eagerly looked to my most favorite column, the Folkroots section now written by SatyrPhil Brucato. This month’s installment was about the archetype in literature and psychological functions of the ‘Demon Lover’, the bad-boy, the temptress, the evil powerful supernatural lover character of tales and reality.

My particular attention came to the paragraphs describing a particular type of Demon Lover that has become immensely popular, and that type is, in its example it talked about, Edward Cullen of Twilight fame.

Due to copyright, I will not post the entire paragraphs word-for-word because that is Brucato’s work (duh) and if you want, buy that issue, because Realms of Fantasy has just switched owners and it needs the money because the ads and work in these new magazines needs serious mental help and money for better staff. 😛 Luckily the stories are still quality.

A demon lover is generally a ‘bad’ one, a representational character of things morally not right or what we ourselves wouldn’t do, which makes them whether a seductive villain or villianess attractive to many persons, including myself. Their power to dominate, to go against society rules, to be an outcast and see a different perspective *whether good or bad* to be supernatural and stronger in many cases…this is what characterizes a Demon Lover.

However we are here to discuss what Brucato has helped to explain why multitudes of young teenager girls and other age groups of women have so flocked to the realm of Twilight. In my previous opinionated musings in my head, I had come across the idea that perhaps Edward’s ‘whiney-emo’ status was attractive because the style is Emo and Scene, and the genre that has been emerging in vampire-media has been known as the Vampires in the modern school social scene genre. I was close but I had yet to fully feel confidant in why so many people, that are yet not even that shallow-minded or that into popular culture, still flock to him.

You see, not everyone falls in love with a Demon Lover. There are still a healthy population of people that fall in love with the Heroic character, the Good Boys, the powerful that are moral and golden, Prince Charmings. But the reasoning with Edward Cullen is that he is a little blur of the Good vs. Bad lovers. Edward, that sparkling vampire, is a Demon Lover who goes against his nature for the sake of his chosen innocent girl Bella Swan. This type is unusual in the past of literature but has come up more and more as a popular form of Lover in our media. As Brucato writes;

“Maybe its because, like all archetypes, this immortal figure shifts to accommodate his time and culture. And perhaps, in an age of rape drugs and porn sites, celebricults and pro-anorexia propaganda, our whole world has become a Demon Lover…and in that world, the real transgression is to care.”

This provides the basis of why these characters, viewed as ‘whining emos’ or ’emotional tragic’ Lovers are now on the rise in our society. We have advanced to accept not just black and white in the power division but of gray-matter; more and more nations with their people are advancing to individualism and intelligence in each person, our capitalist market and internet reach the world over. More people believe in the attraction of Edward because he is sacrificing what he is to become someone better through love, into considering the social cultural setting. This is what has come-up in explaining why, and defending, Edward Cullen.

I hoped I have made the most wild of Twilight-haters, those reading, to consider a form of logical respect for his popular existence, however much they generally do not like in the fantasized Lover. Now that I have taken the time to analyze and write this out, I have discovered that indeed Edward’s archetype is past-attractive type for me. When I wrote the draft of my story S.W.A.N. my villain, Radu, was conflicted within himself to change himself for the reasons of love for female-lead Valerie. This was also not quite but still similar, an idea presented to another story villain Alexander in Rosa von das Roten Tod. However my villains in the end refused or could not actually change their attitude and natural ways of Demon Lover and villain to accommodate their chosen mate. This is where I find the lack-of interest personally for Edward Cullen, not counting the writing style and setting of the entire book series. However these are my preferences and explanation why I am not drooling over Edward. (another is my dislike how the author makes vampires sparkle. The sparkiliness however enhances his sacrificial-for-good qualities however, but still it mess with my preferences in what a vampire is)

I hope you have learned from and enjoyed my rambling of the Twilight explanation.

Dream 10-18-09: The Last of Humanity

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Dream 10-18-09.

We were scuttled inside. There, we were in these tower apartments, plain and simple gray carpeting and walls, futuristic. Outside was a small park, the pool and green water. I looked out the windows of the high hall outside my room. The sky was no sky, however but a bubble: it was layers up-and thousands of layers of black seething slime-mud, and we were the last humans in the world. The Federation has let this planet and its people, with were basically one people with one mind *the mud* keep us alive and well to live and breed.

However, we are humans and have made a bad reputation of being destructive aliens. Worse, we were constantly surrounded, with no escape, by the mud alien. As the days passed it became apparent that despite all this leisure and doing nothing…a regiema was intact. Soon we were like in a prison, and these black knight police were scolding, picking on us and deranking my family for silly little things. In a few more days there was more disagreements with this strict policies. We only had one style of clothing, and we were kept like animals.

I soon noted with fear that we were on this planet because we were to be bargaining chips, for the mud-people were in fact none hostile aliens, sly and vile, and would not hesitate to seep their acid sticky mud, like the Blob, through the walls and slowly suffocate and kill us all. Their planet has no air. We certainly would be trapped and die.

Our only way to be alive was to live and shut up and not even speak out about anything, and wait for outside news. We were given to the mud people temporarily as a sign of trust between the more-powerful alien races of this federation. But the trust was lacking. Soon indeed some mud WAS seeping and attacking us in the main building!

Me and the other scrambled to the large window which gave a view of the green small lake-like see, but was incredibly deep, and several stories down. We were sheer over it. I watched others jump, to escape the mud and soon I jumped out too. I closed my eyes, hoping my angle would not make me sink into the water.

I succeeded, and swan as fast as I could to the beach at the park, and the entrance to our building of habitation. The mud had ceased, and they ‘apologized’ for any inconvenience. It was clear they ‘leaked’ so they could show their power. If I got stuck to the mud for a longer time I would begin to dissolve. This place was our only supply of air. I was horribly frightened.

We went back to our rooms, however our pair of scissors was broken. So we opened them up and cut the spring inside, but the black knight laughed and scolded us for not consulting him to fix the scissors! We were condemned to the lowest grade-level, and among the ‘last’ in their caste system. Instead of ridicule from the other humans around us, it was fright. We were just fixing our scissors! We were all in this together, being horribly abused.

Then a large sound. The Mud! They were finally going to  kill us! It seeped everywhere, faster but still for a slow death. I ran with the others to the park, as the black knights and even Cooler from DBZ was hitting and laughing, abusing as they went.

However a hero came; a strange alien with three large spaceships was parked. He was to rescue us! We surged into the space ships, and one by one they took off, through the mud with their superior technology and into space.

Space was beautiful. We had barely enough food and we could only last three months, but our journey was to the Federation senate to be housed. We were saved.

Dream 10-8-09: Beetlejuice

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Dream 10-8-09.

It began thus; I walked into a warped, different version of my boyfriend’s house. There I sat on the purple sofa sitting next to him watching a different version of Beetlejuice on the laptop on a table. This was basically like a repeat of one of my dates with him at his house, watching the movie in the same room.

However my boyfriend was not my boyfriend at all, but Beetlejuice himself! Surprisingly though we decided to makeout on the sofa, despite him not my boyfriend and how perverted and giggly Beetlejuice was being. I had to stop though because I had to tell Nathan my ‘boyfriend’ *he was actually a guy I only knew last year but nothing like that* that was breaking up with him to be with the awesome Beetlejuice. I went into another room and was, with every word I said to the sleeping Nathan saying I was breaking up with him, counting the links of this purple and pink plastic link of chains. Nathan though in the middle said he was asleep, and I soon ended and went back to the couch.  On the way I went through a short hallway, where one side was windows bright with sunlight and the other side was a white wall with shifting cartoonish colored artsy animals.

Back to the couch, I sat next to him, where we were shyly groping each other. But then I had a thought that I was to wake up soon, and he went to the other side of the couch, posing and sitting far away. I turned and laid at my side, just as my alarm went off…and I turned back to the left, looking over my shoulder as I mumbled “Goodbye Beetlejuice.” The dream world and him melted into reality as I watched, and after a few seconds I realizied I was awake!