Dream 10-27-09: The Abducting Dracula

Dream 10-26-09


My dream revealed the anxieties of my Italian class and the fear of being abducted and abused by movie character, pre-code, that don’t look sexy but yet as older experienced dapper men they still ARE a potent sexual symbol. Typical of Halloween nature a man who was a mix of John Carridine’s Dracula and Vincent Price had come to call. And so the dream begins.

I had run to the garden while my family was chatting, and my sister was escaping with me! I took this moment to return to the imaginary eddies and secrets of the wall that led to *previous dreams* Wonderland. This Dracula man was coming for me, and I felt a mix of fear and yet excitement I had returned to a popular dream-landscape. I went through the edge of the right wall into a chamber for the elephants, which led into a building of chambers and boiler, science-room pipes. Down the stairs and through dark lit corridors of black and rust I went, and I had actually emerged at the left side of the wall at our property, high in the air looking at our garden backyard! From there I hid in a sort of outhouse, to the side because the clutter in the room was deep. As I heard talking below, my parents with these ‘Italians’ I felt fear as Carridine-Dracula man *we’ll just call him Carridine* was closer and closer, peering into the room. I held my breath, and thankfully he didn’t see me. However when he went into the cabin room he peered through the sliver in the wall, seeing me while I pretended that he didn’t.

Too late, he dragged me out and proceeded to chase me again with ill-intent! I soon felt he and these other people were bandits that looked, well, stereotypically Mexican. I was quite afraid of what he was ogiung to do to me. In fact I stopped once I was back on the grassy ground because somehow, he did molest me with some magical ‘penitration without actual’. I felt very weird and violated, even though there was no suddenness or anything obviously  motioning sexual.

There I know was a blur in my memory of the dream, but now we were in a fish store in the evening. My family including grandma was there, and along the walls of the dimly lit, green place were the small cabin-rooms like what I hid in. I looking at the giant Oscar fish for sale, my siblings running around with me like were we young, screaming, enthusiastic children again. But Carridine was there, with a stern look, pretending like he wasn’t planning something terrible. I do however recall like many dreams I have had wearing a sheet, not over my head but making my arms flap, and I felt smaller sized like a bird. But, that was a short-lived vision.

As my family went outside in the dark parking lot, me and my sister went into the corner room. There was a door we went through, through a hallway that was to the right, and into a nice yellow-lit tent-room where a red-headed man was playing cello, and there were bass and celli strewn about. I thought this was a perfect plan to get rid of Mr. Carridine, for a door opened at the far wall, which opened to the direct view to the store-front door, and Mr. Carridine with glowing eyes was walking calmly, evilly towards where he just saw me. My sister was laughing and such, so I went to plan to escape. I flew back through the hallway to the cabins, whereupon the sides of them at the roof tops were open! I flapped my way silently and quickly through, mostly hidden as Carridine several fish tank rows away was going towards the entrance to the tent he just saw, where he hoped to find  me. Fat chance, I had just floated *mistankeningly NOT LOOKING BACK TO SEE IF HE SAW ME* to the open circle window of the door, and viola, I was flapping in the parking lot.

I saw my brother comatose in our Volvo, and that was not right! As I bounced and flapped my way to go to the right, and hide in the rafters of the building I was strangely moving slow…and tired…and…

Now with a blink I was suspended over a pool in the building, as some orange goldfish swam around in it. I was of course terrified, tied up over it and him gloating at the edges of this pool. My parents were there lamenting and arguing, as Carridine was wanting to have his way with me and have me his wife!

Then there was a strange sort of events. I went on about how in a previous dream *that doesn’t exist to my memory* he wrote letters saying he was a ‘honey’ (gay) and therefore I was always completely safe around him. But then he revealed in the letters he was not and actually quite a vicious sex fiend. I felt stunned and wailing at trusting him too much, and now look where I was, I was hanging by a rope while politics ensued about me.

I know his face is kinda…wild but I would never think to be afraid of him. I thought his Dracula quite comically-serious-British, not my type! I guess I was wrong? I certainly, considering how he’s dressed and such a manner, would not think him to be a character that was exclusivly interested in marrying a screaming American 17 year old like me? Especially in a dream? Those notsogood movies I saw with him in it must have affected me deeper than I thought.


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