Dream 11-20-09: The anxieted fear of such things

Dream 11-20-09


I feel perhaps my past relationship with my first boyfriend Zane and his sexual advances on me that I left unrequited has definitely frazzled my brain. Along with other outside-instances and strange, warped fears.

It began when mom was interested in the colored, pretty magical shells that were being sold by an purple-dressed, goateed magician down our street, who parked his purple balloon and tent of wares (reference to The Wizard of Oz I saw the night previously) and so, to get more, I was sent down there to buy.

Mom and dad followed me, as I went through the yard where the magician was. It soon felt like I was in another ‘universe’, like those many fantasy-exotic young adult books and trilogies that are popular. Alas the real reason for me here was revealed. My parents revealed the ‘surprise’ and that was to sell me, to prostitute me, to him and these other persons accosiated with him, for the night.

That was extremely disturbing. We would never be that desperate to force me to sell myself! Another ‘dream minute’ went by of strange forced sexual things along with a short story of were-children, all males (who have fur all over their bodies except their human heads) had all grown up, and went to the Magician after the night went by to tell him they were leaving. A herd of the Magician’s elephants ran them off the cliff!

I felt strange and was no longer part of the action, and I went home. There was the walnut tree that no longer had the treehouse, and was growing pears. However only the ripe pears were higher up. I began to straddle the trunks to scoot and clamber up and around the branches to pick the pears. Now, being a woman….it felt comfortable and fun to do so…maybe more than comfort. But such things were done with, when I had reached and was very high up and upside down, and there was a floating green head!

It looked like the silent film version of Mr. Hyde. He was making lewd facial gestures to a piece of dark bark that was suspended from a twig. Then he turned and was making them to me! I was very disgusted, especially with the knowledge that it might float over to me. I quickly clambered down and off to the garage to tell my parents, and then into the house to hide.

I didn’t hide for long, for soon I was back down the street where the Magician was getting arrested (in a suit) into a white van with women lawyers and police. They were driving him to the court because he had sex with a minor, and I latched on the roof. I also became aware that I was wearing a usual form of dress I most of the time seem to have when I have the ability to fly in my dreams: a white, big sleeves gown of some sort, and I also am smaller in size and more like a fairy creature than myself. So it went I was holding on as they drove down the highway…and I flitted off, floating and flapping over the busy cars.

I soon woke up.



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