Dream 12-17-09: The Beginning of Wonderland

Dream 12-17-09

This was a short one, since I barely remember the details of the beginning.

It was, well, this girl in orange…I was outside in the sunlight of our house, demented into the similar form of a church from a dream last week. Anyways I saw her enter into the swamp and I knew I could help her as she was trying to get into another dimension which was, well, Wonderland! *my owm that my dreams invented*

To help and along the way I took Huey and apparently my sister was following me. She couldn’t enter through the swamp, as Wonderland is a dimensional plane that goes into the swamp, but is NOT the swamp in our world. Its hard to explain, see.

Well I went, it was cloudy, through the garden to the back wal where Wonderland is located. While there dad was doing something to the lilac bushes against the wall. However from the wall was a big overhanging so up above was concrete with pack snow as our ceiling. I had to find the door again.

There was a sewer manhole covor…on the ceiling, and so desperate I pressed some of it and fancy contraptions came out, like a puzzle! I was solving it as my sister hovored nearby and soon a DS Lite poppsed out attached by a holder. It was on but nothing was happening. I knew that this was to confirm that me, for the first time, found this Wonderland all for me.

I yelled and stated calmly that I know Wonderland is in the wall, and it is from my own head, and that I have found it, so open the door! The top screen showed a creature who looked similar to Bowser who was named Mr. Puffton and he confirmed it so!

Just as he was exalting my name in a booming deep voice, and the wall was being opened…my alarm clock went off. I’m not kidding, it went off before I could go in and see how it changed!

This makes me sad. :<

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