The artist DracheaRannak is leaving.

The famous DeviantARTist DracheaRannak is leaving dA due to trolling, spam, and her messages to the dA staff unheard.

DracheaRannak is best known online as the Argentian artist who has created, in popular searches on google images the famous artworks of Sailor Moon versions of Disney princesses. He has contributed to other fandoms and even SM video game characters, started male Sailor Moon characters, contributed to the dA Sailor Moon circles, beautiful original artworks, manly pin-ups and people drawing fanart of his own lovely orange character.

He is an art teacher in Palermo, Buenos Ares, and it is presumed he is in his 20’s.

He shall be missed by a decent amount. He plans to leave and possibly set up art-shop somewhere else online.

Here are some of his artworks, before they are deleted from his gallery.

This particular work was the prize for the 'Sailor Sun' contest, won by my friend Hotaru-Sama666.

27 Responses to “The artist DracheaRannak is leaving.”

  1. Just a nobody Says:

    Uhm I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but how can you just pass off all the evidence that has been brought to light?

    Just look in these journals for it.

    I’m not saying I hate him or anything, personally he did have some works that didn’t look copied or traced, but he didn’t need to delete his account. All he had to do really was just remove the pieces everyone was so upset about and apologize for it-which by the way from the journals I read he never did.

    With all that evidence being brought up to date I can see why he chose to leave but the fans I believe is what made the drama come out.
    ‘Omg. You’re so mean! You troll’
    ‘You’re just envious of his talent!’
    ‘His skill are awesome sauce and he can do no wrong!’

    Also I noticed this video on his Livestream account and that’s not how people doodle. Granted it’s not line-for-line but that is definitely not how you doodle.

    • I actually never knew this was about questionable works of art. I have no clue of the entire drama, all I know of him is that I started to watch him late last year because his art was nice. I heard of him through my art friend who won a contest he was holding.

      I have not looked for any evidence and the way his journal wrote it seemed that, appearing, trolls and others bothered him because he is quite the ‘trollbait’. Once again I don’t know nor followed any drama. Seriously, I find no problems with his works. I don’t even have evidence, so when I ‘passed off all the evidence that has been brought to light’ I really didn’t care or actually stalked him to look for it! So I didn’t know that he used lots of references.

      In fact its alright to use references especially when learning, but his work as I just saw with the perfection of feet and hands from reference pictures, dragigng them unto the screen is not entirly distasteful, and especially not if the references were made to be references, hand samples, poses for art purposes, etc.

      People ‘doodle’ in all different ways. You could use the word ‘doodle’ for ‘reference practice’ or ‘tracing’ or ‘making cute cartoons’ or ‘the linework for a big piece of art’. I just want to make that clear as I’m an ametuer artist myself.

      He felt, from what I know which is little, that his way of art was not illegal or bad or him in the wrong so he didn’t need to apoligize, that was his logic. So the comments kept rudley coming at him.

      • He was selling artworks that were traced from preexisting images– he was making money from art that wasn’t his. Tracing for fun is one thing– frowned down upon, yes, especially after he was caught doing it about two years and swore up and down that he’d learned his lesson, but selling it is just stealing.

      • Once more I did not know nor do I fully care anymore. You are very happy I presume that he has left the internet with his art.

      • A little nobody Says:

        Copying or Tracing someone else’s work is illegal but it’s obvious you don’t care if he rips off other REAL artists.

        Referencing is when you look at more than one picture to understand how it looks whether it be perspective, shading or anatomy but what he did in some of his Sailor Moon Fan works was not referencing at all.

        An example of what he did wrong that really pissed a lot of people off.
        Let’s use the Sailor Pluto picture that’s posted at the top of this link, aside from the others.

        Notice how at first he gives no credit to the original work he stole and how there is no proof that he got permission from Naoko!

        Only after people pointed this out then did he credit back to what he stole.

        Drachea said himself that’s what the commissioner wanted.

        When the said commissioner was asked if he gave him the picture to be used as a reference, he said no.

        So with that example in mind, a person who lies not once but twice (third time’s a nasty charm) is not what I would call an ‘Honest’ or ‘Real Artist’! Just a scammer!

        Art thieves and liars never feel any shame or guilt for what they did wrong so that’s to be expected of him to say something like that.

      • Once more you are dozens of people who don’t read clearly. I only RECENTLY started to watch him, I NEVER read his journals, so how the fuck would I know what the drama is? I am not a fangirl. I made this post because 1. his art was pretty and he left, which made me a bit wondering what was going on and 2. I wanted to feel important posting something newsworthy beside my dream diary which no one reads. If you even wanted to look I’ve already have tons of comments sending me same and more links of what you just sent me.

        I feel you’re in a crusade to convince all Drachae supporters to the good side. I do not support art stealing, I only support properly cited references, which he did not in the beginning especially I will delete this post because its making people think I’m one of the blind fangirls who LOVE DRACHAE SOOO MUCH I LOVE HIMMMM. No, I fucking don’t.

  2. MULTIPLE times, in MULTIPLE journal entries, Drachea apologized, and even thanked people for pointing out artworks where he did not cite his sources. He corrected as many as he could.
    The information about him selling traced artworks is also faulty. The only traced artworks he did were ones for fun, as he ALSO clearly stated in NUMEROUS journals.
    REFERENCE pictures are very different from TRACING pictures, and that was only one of the things people trolled about, which caused him to leave.
    Whatever the case, trolls are trolls, and even off-dA, they still hound after his reputation. His fans, however, moourn his loss, as several of his watchers have already posted their own journal entries, flaming the trolls.

    • That is quite true. Your comment here was quite loud so at first I thought you were yelling at me for being someone not involved with enough knowledge of the drama, but I’m pretty sure your comment is in a neutral-good support of him, as am I, who just watched for the pretty-pictures.

      I really did not expect people hounding through to find Drachae related blogposts to yell at each other to try to spread their version of truth. If this keeps up I’m going to have to delete this.

    • A little nobody Says:

      Didn’t see those journals but if you have them archived I’d very much like to see them because in the final one he wrote nowhere did he apologize for ripping and profiting from Naoko’s work!
      That’s not faulty information, it’s quite true actually.

      Let’s use the Sailor Pluto picture that’s posted at the top of this link, aside from the others.

      Notice how at first he gives no credit to the original work he stole and how there is no proof that he got permission from Naoko!

      Only after people pointed this out then did he credit back to what he stole.

      Drachea said himself that’s what the commissioner wanted.

      When the said commissioner was asked if he gave him the picture to be used as a reference, he said no.

      I noticed he did say that he had traces in his gallery, which if he was a real artist he wouldn’t have the need to promote himself so shamelessly; it doesn’t take any talent whatsoever to trace, but more to the point in Deviant Art’s policies it was stated that they don’t allow traces/recolors or edits which those traced works of his were a clear policy violation.
      Remember his (Universal) Sailor Soldiers picture.
      Well here it is.

      Proof of what was shown to the Administrators for them to decide.

      He left because he knew what he did was wrong but didn’t feel the need to admit to it. He got trolled because he pissed a lot of people off for what he did wrong!

      Neither him nor his fans will ever see the light of what he did wrong because it will be pushed aside and they well go on believing stealing is ok.

  3. Falling Says:

    this SUCKS!! I frickin loved his artwork! I had tons faved, tons I had commented on… and now he’s just GONE?!

    this seriously blows…

    • I thought his art was nice. However, if you look all over the blog, you can see that apparently he was an ‘art stealer’ and now I’m being chewed out over and over again for this. I meant to report news, not express my OBVIOUS undying love of being THE MOST SUPER FANGIRL. Which I’m not.

  4. How typical Says:

    How typical for a fan of DracheaRannHACK to erase all the evidence of him being a fraud! What a real shame.

    • I’m actually not a fan. My original intent with the post was because it was news and the art was pretty.

      I did not know he was an art stealer.


      YOU should be ashamed of yourself bawwing all over my post to vent your anger of me some OBVIOUS Drachae fangirl.

      I am only approving this comment to show my friends what a fucking mess my blog, meant to be news and I knew NOTHING of his history, before deleating the fucking thing. If you even bother to read comments before this one surely you would know I’ve already been explained many MANY times stuffed with evidence of his fraud, and no need for you to go nasty on me.

  5. COME ON PEOPLE. It’s just the internet. Ok, he made a mistake, he apologize, he’s gone, many people sad other happy. He had a different concept of reference that’s all. People, jeez, get a LIFE. And why the way, I found your post in you blog the only thing neutral and sane to read about his departure, I understand your position ’cause I feel the same. And TGIF!

  6. Bleh, I’m sorry that people have been chewing you out on this whole fiasco :/ Gah, would it REALLY kill them to read previous posts?! While they try to look cool trying to prove people wrong about Drachea’s supposed art, they’re just looking rather stupid posting the same thing over and over again. Saying it ONCE is all that’s needed to get the message sent!
    I’ve watched Drachea before as well, and can’t say I was all up to date on his posted problems either. And I honestly just don’t know what to think about this whole art theft drama, and personally I don’t care. He’s already gotten enough flak from people, I’d rather remain in the neutral area..

    • GLAD you agree. If there is just ONE more comment like that I’ll have to delete this. Seriously, as you and I know we never knew of the drama behind him. Apparently this has all proven he has just as rabid ignorant haters as well as fans, which I am apparently assumed to be one of them. *NOT.* Thank you for defending me.

  7. Aw…I was wondering where he went, I’d been following him on DevArt for a bit. And then I noticed my DevWatch folder wasn’t getting billions of sailor fanart works so I tried looking for him but his icon was dead [I was worried he deleted it and found he did T_T and then I tried seeing if he made another account but found this post instead]. Dammit DX I really liked his sailor stuff T_T *love superpowers*
    Meh, I don’t know anything about the guy except that he likes orange. From what I can tell by skimming these comments, he wasn’t giving credit for referencing [which I think means looking up other people’s shit and using them to make a picture] but if he ‘forgot’ to give credit, thats def not cool. I hope it was on accident though.

  8. If it means anything to you, I didn’t think you were a fangirl. I thought you were just remarking on his sudden absence, as if it were no more a debatable topic than the weather. I was disappointed that he left as I had hoped he’d place his supporters above those who nagged him. But I suppose being able to leave the spotlight is a nice thing about being an internet-celebrity. If you find out anything about a new art site for him, please let me know. I’d really like to see more of his artwork.

    And if anyone has a problem with that, please don’t tell me. I don’t care. Get a job.

  9. wow, these people are really pathetic coming back over and over to pound it into you that “OMG YOURE SO WROOOONNG, he’s a cheating tracing bastard and here are a million links that don’t work to prove that he’s a liar liar!!!!!11” despite the fact that your journal don’t make any judgment on what he did or didn’t do, they’re just as bad as the “fangirls” they seem to despise so deeply.

    i didn’t know he was accused of tracing i just wanted to know why he deleted his account, i had no idea this drama was going on, wow both sides are a little on the batty side though, why waste so much time either proving or disproving an anonymous artist on the internet is tracing or not, he’s gone now so whats the point? well now i know, thanks for that, i only wish that i could get some actual proof instead of dead end links

    • The issue is old now, so I’m glad the only comments I’m getting are people observing ‘holy cow a neutral-post about the artist is being harassed by obsessed do-righters who are beginning to act just as manical as the Drachea fangirls were.’ Thank you for your concern. 😀

      I think he was tracing YEARS ago, in the BEGINNING of his dA career, but, he was then learning to do referencing better instead. In fact one of the links I was sent was just that, referencing *he is an art student at a university or something in Argentina, remember that!* so I don’t think it was that bad. The issue was blown out of proportion because he was just so good at what he did and got very popular. He was a dA celebrity making both people who hate him and trollers attack him. Finally he left, and I did not know why for awhile. So thusly I was attacked by those who had succeeded in shaming him from the deviantart forever.

      • Drachea Rannak Says:

        Hey Sahkmet! Thank you for having a mature neutral view about the matter. I wont argue with anyone here calling me names and making evidence up. I did trace, I recognized it, and if I did it for one commissioner, that commissioner was ok with it. I NEVER had a commissioner asking for their money back after all this drama exploded.
        So again, THANK YOU for being objective and an adult.
        My respects for you and your blog.
        Be well and keep it up!

      • Thank you for your support. I’m glad, at least in this little corner of the internet, I tried to prove my patience that people obviously learn from referencing, and from mistakes as well. Your most welcome. I never wished any harm on you at all, and still have respect for you as well.

  10. Hmm…this is probably really late in the game, but I thought I’d put in my two cents.

    So, I was never aware that Drachea was getting flack for supposedly “stolen” images. I always thought his work was his own, with references used for all the necessary bits. I do know I felt a bit iffy about him charging for commissions for certain characters that were not his own, but I’ve seen plenty of artists do that, so I didn’t think that his doing so was such a big deal.

    It’s really too bad he left DevArt. His work was really fun to look at and I’m still a bit sad now that he’s no longer there. But, I guess trolls will be trolls and rather than having to deal with that, he chose to just move on and do his own thing.

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