Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland: Not as bad as my local newspaper critics think.

Now I’m not one who obsessed over all the roles of Johnny Depp, nor am I into Tim Burton enough to tear apart his every style and action, but you old people reviewing Alice in Wonderland need to note something important and acknowledge a respect for this movie in this one fact: It was made for entertainment.

Its a cash-crop film, smothering Tim Burton in corperalization and the instance to make his adaption to appeal to the teenager audience.

This is a sequel, not an adaption of the original books. Why are you still yelling about how it isn’t non-canon anymore?

If Wonderland is a dream-dimension from Alice, and if this sequel  has Alice in an easily identifiable teenager-girl-role, then the Wonderland should properly age with her and have new characters-things that play the allegorical figures of her frustrations. This is the staple in 90% of similar stories and films. Look at Labyrinth, Mirror Mask, Wrinkle in Time, Chronicles of Narnia, Time Bandits, etc.! These stories are a similar genre, which is:

Protagonist has RL problems, goes on a hallugenic/magical/dream/alternate universe adventure where the characters are derived symbolic things of the problems. Solving the adventure there gives the character the lessons it needs so when back into reality character has learned its lesson/solves the problems with new understanding.

This is what this film and all the others are. Entertaining formulaic stories that work and turn into the marvelous adventures of crazy things and fantasy elements.

I also think picking on the details of a movie like this should be tastefully done if you point out that the movie IS entertainment. I enjoyed myself, I the teenager audience it was geared to. It certainly worked. I respect it as franchising material, had fun at the pretty colors, hot Depp and Ilosovic Stayne etc. It wasn’t as bad as you fogies in the newspapers think.

So what if it amuses the obsessives? Its not teaching bad life lessons at all. *unlike Twilight in comparison.* You think its harming your beloved Lewis Carrol’s legacy, but believe me re-inventing Alice in Wonderland isn’t a new thing, bubs. In fact every time someone does an adaption, no matter how close it is to the source it re-invents it.

To clarify, this does not mean you must like this film. It just means you must be aware of what it is, and griping about ‘the formula’ or ‘not another Depp movie, don’t see it’ or ‘Alice is a teen, don’t watch’ or, as as few persons pointed out ‘they only made the Jabberwocky talk so they could get Christopher Lee in there, how stupid a movie that is’. I’d rather want you people to argue more legitimate things to support your thesis on how crappy the movie is. Many of these reviewers miss the point of the film. Those that have gone off the deep end of legitimacy in their reviews skew the review to only a part of the public who hate and don’t enjoy the formula of this story. So why is it in the public newspapers providing nit-pick of how this film has mutilated and killed the preciousness of the original stories, when the majority audience reading is a generation younger that has lived for a few decades of AiW merchandise and reinvention and video games and art books and other things that mutilate the story just as ‘bad’? Its been going on and now you have another film to complain about stupidly.

I do not aim this at reviewers who legitmizedly write their opinions or miss important aspects. This is a rant geared to local reviewers in some of the newspapers and internet that miss the freaking point. 3 of them were over 50 years old in age!

Course, who am I to talk? I love bad music, write perverted fanfics to amuse myself and I watch these films for how hot the villains are. I’m certainly no professional on the matter of complaining about movies for the youth of this generation, though I believe I have a decent amount of experience being one of them.

On another note, I am not a Depp fangirl. I always viewed his roles as nice, quirky and plutonic. I didn’t need to view him sexy and attractive to appreciate his talant.

That is, till I saw the mad hatter, and boy, am I in love with this Depp role.

Something about last year when I connected with my transman friend has made me very open and ‘flowery’, I should say, about flamboyant, colorful, and the beauty of madness and the breakdown of gender-roles has skewed my tastes. Out of all his roles from a drunken pirate, sad Edward, teenager in a Freddy Krueger movie, an opium-addict detective, Don Jaun, disturbed candy-maker…no, I’m not attracted to them, I’m attracted to the mad schizophrenic integrity and devotion Depp’s Mad Hatter has. and the pretty colors. And that giggle. Giggle.

I like the Knave more though.

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