About Sahkmet and the Blog.

Sahkmet Shalazamataz Shoys.

Sahkmet is currently 17 going on 18. She is an internet-goer, a learning artist, musician, and writer, formerly homeschooled and now in college.  She has a healthy imagination for her own original stories while also allowing herself the indulgences of fanfiction she writes and fanart.

Her internet life began by getting a *now-hacked* Neopets account a few years ago. From Neopets, to Kiropets, to Nutrinopets and the Creatures Exodus computer game and community…and then she discovered the movie Van Helsing. From there she turned from a pudgy-long-haired-nature-nut-teenager into a slimmer-short-haircut-more-aware-social-teenager. For the rest of the year 2007 she was VH and vampire crazy. Whichout that movie, she would never have written her second fanfic *which spawned 4 more sequels* discovered the dark side of life and learn to express her drawing skills and writing more, and reach out to the internet users of the main sites of DeviantART, Facebook, LiveJournal and the joys of Youtube. Since then she has written tons more fanfics for Van Helsing, some unfinished, a fanfic of The Great Mouse Detective, one of DragonBall Z, on for Dungeons and Dragons the Animated Series and a few others mics. Her original works which she hopes to turn into other media are a vampire-erotic-apocalpyse S.W.A.N., Rosa von das Roten Tod a romantic retelling of Poe’s short story The Masque of the Red Death, a gothic cliche vampire story Demon Siope, scripts for graphic novels, and ideas for more and other works of fiction. For all her artwork visit her DeviantART page.

You may have seen Sahkmet on many, many sites. She usually uses for her username Sahkmet, Shoysrock, and varying forms of Shalazamataz. She could be anywhere…old virtual pet accounts, dollsites, video places, image accounts…

Sahkmet is a welcoming person full of fun, wittiness and internet antics. She is also willing to put up personal stuff here also for her friends and communities and even family.

The Blog.


1. Be nice.

2. Be happy.

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