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A little contest

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I know there aren’t alot of persons reading my blog, but I have had this alien story in my head for close to 6 years now. Only now I’ve decided to ask for help designing the sentient repto-mammal alien civilization.

Contest rules, info and such.

There are only a few stipulations, and examples of ideas are presented.  The main rule for you guy’s reading is its prefered you get an account on dA. Its free and harmless. 🙂

If you are interested in designing such a humanoid alien, keep in touch with me. It can be even just a doodle, so long as I can see the vision presented…and that’s not very hard either.

This contest shall be running probably to the end of February, or until the lack of entries dies off, or I make up my design that’s so awesome I call the whole thing off.  Terrible or good or brilliant artists, he’s a chance to get some credit. I have extremely big dreams for my plot. >_< Haahaa.

Times a changin’

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In case you cared.

New semester has started. College begins this Monday with my English Comp and Algebra class. Good grades in my high school here are OEC. Having some dreams of anxiety.

Kilelr tornados destroying our house. Some little sleep and waking up early to shovel snow. Running from Biff because I seem to be Kevin from Home Alone and don’t want a wedgie. Etc. small dreams of terror of the education system. At least they are not involving Pennywise.

Another update: I had broken up with my boyfriend in November last year, so don’t worry. I have learned not to lower my standards and become a despterate virgin. What a douche, but he’s out of my life now.

I have started to type in my old stories from 2004-05 *12-13 years old* onto dA. I shall make a special post with some of them later.

School at OEC

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And so it begins…

I am a student of the Orchird Rigde Oakland Community College campus’s Oakland Early College. Therefore with three high school classes 5 days a week and two college classes (World Music Wednesday evening and Italian Thursday evening for four hours) plus orchestra rehearsal Monday nights and Redford Theatre events every other Friday and Saturday, I will be busy. It will be a struggle to upload and write dream journals and do fun things, when the onslaught of homework begins.

I, former homeschooler, wish me luck.

The Ann Arbor Adventure

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A stroll from 10:30 till noon, shopping and enjoying the sights of downtown Ann Arbor, MI.

Today, a Thursday, my younger sister was invited again to play and work on the theatre organ at The Michigan Theater downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I have been to the theatre many times, and even saw my first silent film The Sheik as a child at the remarkable old movie palace. This was accompanied by the theatre organ as it was meant to. Theatre organs are more modified and fun versions of pipe organs if one doesn’t know of such things.

My family is involved with the organ and theater world whereas I am not an organ enthusiast. So while my sister played and my dad was there along with other organists, it was my thrill to go shopping down the block of fine establishments from my childhood and modern, present times.

First across the street to the local Borders bookstore. I went there the last Ann Arbor trip a few months earlier where I bought the next installment of the Vampire Hunter D series to read volume 10 and the Daft Punk Alive 2007 album. Today however I continued my adventures. I would spend little time, and money, in Borders today.  So there I was killing time till the Dawn Treader bookstore would open at 11.  I browsed through the latest Mojo and other music magazines, also considering purchasing the Britpop edition which thoroughly *and expensively* fascinated me about the UK’s pop industry. I also considered buying a book of the works of artist John Howe, Stephen King’s Salems Lot and a few books by H. P. Lovecraft. However no real need for the art book, the Salem’s book was too expensive and I would try my luck in the other bookshop (though it wasn’t there, oh well) and I will wait a bit before I delve into the Lovecraftian world with the scary cover-art by John Jude Palancar.

However my eye was caught by the sequel to one of my favorite books The Sight , Fell. I doubt the story, since it’s readily involving humans in the plot unlike the past two wonderful books Clement-Davis wrote will be that good. But my thirst for his work needed to be abated without reading that young adult Crusades book. I will begin this novel after I finish the 1990 research book American Vampire.

Before buying Fell I was a little distressed at the giant section of Twilight merchandise next to the anime and comic book corner. There were flags, chocolates, dolls, guidebooks, banners, posters, jewlery and the like on it’s own shelf and added table stand. The vampire young adult section now, since these books are more popular was no longer just another part of the whole ‘Young Adul’t but now derserved it’s special shelving next to the Twilight mess. In fact some of these novels looked very good, if more into the new phase of vampires in the media: school stories and teenagers.

On to Dawn Treader!

This is a classic used and rare bookstore. From the bottommost of my memories, where trips to Ann Arbor were more frequent when I had my music lessons at the University of Michigan. I bought a hardcover of Dinotopia in my dinosaur faze and bunches of old MAD magazines later on. Now I returned, I feasted my eyes next to the horror section unto a selection of classic Doctor Who memorabilia.

There was a large pink and yellow book of short stories and comics of the Doctors *up till 6 or 7, don’t know officially* written and drawn by various talented artists. However the price was a bit high at almost $30, and I have not reached the ultimate Doctor Who Fangirl stage to put money down on it. Instead it went to other sources.

There were two copies of the short Marvel Doctor Who graphic novel Voyager for $7.50, against something I didn’t want to spend, while also noting the cheesy and cartoonish characters in the plot, and the bright coloration contrasting with alot of inking shadows did not fully let me feel it was worth almost a full $10 bill. If one would like and is in the area, there are two of these still on the shelf.

Then there were the three Doctor Who magazines I bought each for $4.50.

The first to mention is The Offical Doctor Who Magazine No. 94, November. 1984 issue. This issue contains Novel news, a feature on Brian Hayles, the history on the Ice Warriors, and part 5 of The Voyager in black and white, and other such goodies. Not to mention the full color photo inside the color of a Daemon. I look forward to reading this issue about the Black Orchid novel and etc, including an article on the script editor Eric Saward. I don’t recommend however you cutting out the order form of a Do-It-Yourself Doctor Who knitting kit for 8.95 pounds each.

Next up is another of the magazines, this time the summer special 1986. Interviews with Adrienne Hill and Hugh David, a complete guide to new novels, exclusive photos from the Highlander episode of the 2nd Doctor, and a guide on how to be a Doctor Who villain! Special incentive? The pin-up of the first Doctor in color. Nice cane…

Finally my favorite of the bunch, the Doctor Who Season 19 Overview issue 62. apparently this season was a bunch of reruns 1996. Included are reviews by loyal longtime viewers of the aired episodes, smaller articles and a particular one about when Peter Davison (5th Doctor) was sneaked and surprised to be on This Is Your Life. On page 6 there is my most favorite in this magazine; a small ink cartoon of Anthony Ainly stepping out from his statue-piller TARDIS with a zappity plug-in and the Doctor’s diary towards a surprised cartoon Ainley. This is incredibly adorable. Adorable!

After buying these amazing historical doo-dads, I went across the road towards Bigby Coffee, having a small cup of Mutan White tea and a brownie, then browsing quickly the record store before heading back to the theatre to meet up with my sister. From there we ate at Subway where I had a flatbread steak sandwich and I drove the awful Volvo car home. The end. My, it’s hard to steer in that thing…

And so, with my reading materials I am on the way to becoming more knowledgeable about retro Doctor Who. It’ looking like 2nd and 5th Doctors are becoming my favorites…

Quick update: No, I really don’t worship her AND James Bond.

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In about that last note…

Nope, I’ve decided not to worship Sahkmet. I never did, only idolized the ideals, and used her name as a character and a sorta patron of my username domains. :/


Next up, I am playing a large piano part with my youth orchestra, The Dearborn Youth Symphony. I feel so fantastic! I haven’t done anything so important since last year! I’m so happy! I’m doing the Bond theme, For Your Eyes Only and Live and Let Die.

Tonight I do concessions work at the Redford Theatre for the showing of The Great Escape.

Also, enjoy this beautiful piece of art I did.

It is titled, Death in Spring.

So happy. So cheery.

Sekhmet is still Worshipped?

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So I’m on my Gaia account one day…

As a kid I Larped Sahkmet *the spelling I use*. Sahkmet is a goddess from Egyptain mytholigy.  She was the daughter of the son god Ra and would show his wrath in his name. She is the consort of the craftsman god Ptah.  She has the head of a lion, a sun disc on her head. She is the goddess of Wrath, Power, the control of nature. She was worshipped at apothecaries.  She was the divine symbolic form, as fire, of women.  Strong women.

So, apparently, she is worshipped TODAY either as one of the many names of a feminine form of nature, a spirit, a goddess…or as her own as Sahkmet the Goddess from Egypt.

How did I find out? I was on Gaiaonline, doing the Easter event, and one of her worshippers found me and we started chatting through PM. There’s an entire temple in Neveda to her even. And a Yahoo group even.

There’s some sort of phenomon of women suddenly encountering in their dreams Sahkmet, talking to them, whether they were doing wiccan worship or even thinking.

As for me, I used Sahkmet as like a totem-animal in a way. I wanted and still want to have a dominant personality, strength and physical strength, confidence and wisdom while dealing with the dog-eat-dog world of nature. I used to larp her with my siblings in an Egyptain-like country ruled by her, a wise figure, not yet meddling with all the espionage plans from the Peaceful Vegitarians or the war mongers…we had eleborate sci-fi like plots. Sahkmet was a wise vicious woman.

I grew up of course and now a teenager. In some respect, of course, now you know my internet usernames are usually ‘Sahkmet’. I took her name and applied it to my internet persona. I don’t larp her anymore, and my characters usually have the yellow-and-gold themes of royalty. I still like lions too.

What’s really odd, though, is that I talked occaisonally with a head statue of her at the Detroit Art Museum. Now I didn’t think it too unusual. I talked to my stuffed animals. then my pets. Still do, of course, becaus eehs’e a parakeet and lost her mate. She needs talking to keep her from going insane. But I talked three times out of my many visits with an idol! A god! I really, really, don’t know why I was compelled to talk to her like that but…I talked to her like a person for my whimsy. I got nothing like a response because I wasn’t looking for one. I didn’t think she could be real. That’s silly, right?

Well now all this was brought to my attention and that others have experienced a life with Sahkmet and now worship her…I feel I must have to say this is a coincidence, and they’re confused, and that they worship the IDEAL, not THE SAHKMET. That’s what they’re looking for in a God. Sahkmet’s name is just a temptlate for what they idolize.

For now, I know not what to do. Except, I should probably buy one of those books that are around about Sahkmet worship in the new age. There’s tons of them. Who knew?

I like her, and as a kid, for her qualities. But I have not been actively worshiping her. Now I’m being told she exists and is gaining new followers by being a part of their childhoods. Am I one of them, about to ‘see the light’?

Or is this just confused bogus?

All this disturbs me.

Three Cheers for Dad’s Editing Skills.

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Only a few of you may know, but my dad does the monthly newsletter for the Redford Theatre, promoting around the town theater-organ concerts, articles, reports on the classic movies that we show, and other fun things.
My dad has also, taking all day, finally learned with his software to download from tape form his video camera, into the computer, into a DVD, and now he has learned to edit it like a primitive Windows Moviemaker and uploaded to Youtube. Ya-hoo!

The Redford Theatre is a restored classic moviehouse from the late 1920’s. All volunteers. Lobby piano *me, part time Nancy and the guy seen in the video only does the Stooges* and theater organ *not church organ* play before the film! We show classics from musicals, to Silent films, to more modern fare at best on original film. Examples include Singing in the Rain, Terminator, Labyrinth, Buster Keaton, Nosferatu, Vincent Price, Karate Kid… If you’re in the area *it’s located outside of Detroit* this is a surely fun place! Most tickets are only $4! Popcorn with real butter! Immense amounts of candy and even homebaked cookies! The theatre with an asian decor! Atmospheric, and showing cartoons.

For more information, go here to the offical website.

April Fools Virus!

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I will only be online probably late tomorrow, April Fool’s Day, Wednesday, *tomorrow* . So that I can avoid the virus expected, or not expected, to cause big damage despite my two anti-virus programs. I really, REALLY hope I don’t get it. 😦

April Fools Virus.

Tools to get rid of it.

Dealing with Coulrophobia

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Perfect example by great Youtuber Nalts. XD

Interesting indeed. Makes me laugh all the time!

I can deal with people dressed as clown, however much I prefer to stand at a distance and not get involved. I would have to say then I have a ‘fetish of making it a funny ‘big’ deal of it and avoiding them’.

Then this video comes along to foil all your efforts.

My Y-Gallery Account Suspended

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For the first time I’ve ever lied about my age when making an account…

How on earth could they know? O_o Weird.

Here’s Y-gallery, in all it’s…I censered mine with specilaty but it’s got things and stuff on it that will rape your eyes.


Also you can’t high-def. search without being a member.  Dangit! And now, I can’t!


St. Patrick’s Day.

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Saint Patrick’s Day.

Yep it’s that day again, where there’s drinking, cabbage, corned beef, beer, green and orange, Catholics, and leprechauns. I’m no Catholic, and so is my family. My mom was raised to rebel and wear orange today while dad never cared in a Methodist household. Eh.

So enjoy your day! :3 I’m celebratin’ by watchin’ Doctor Zhivago.