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The artist DracheaRannak is leaving.

Posted in Art, News Updates Other Than My Life on April 26, 2010 by Sahkmet

The famous DeviantARTist DracheaRannak is leaving dA due to trolling, spam, and her messages to the dA staff unheard.

DracheaRannak is best known online as the Argentian artist who has created, in popular searches on google images the famous artworks of Sailor Moon versions of Disney princesses. He has contributed to other fandoms and even SM video game characters, started male Sailor Moon characters, contributed to the dA Sailor Moon circles, beautiful original artworks, manly pin-ups and people drawing fanart of his own lovely orange character.

He is an art teacher in Palermo, Buenos Ares, and it is presumed he is in his 20’s.

He shall be missed by a decent amount. He plans to leave and possibly set up art-shop somewhere else online.

Here are some of his artworks, before they are deleted from his gallery.

This particular work was the prize for the 'Sailor Sun' contest, won by my friend Hotaru-Sama666.

Offical NOES Remake Trailer is OUT!

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At last an offical sneak peek.

As some might know, or others not, the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake is scheduled for release April 30th, 2010. Our information prior has been only the work-trailer to illustrate ideas for the actual film, snippits of information and knowledge of where the filming was. Now at last we have a trailer…the REAL one. The Big-kahoonie.

Trailer and stills at

Looking at what we can, the movie is filled with the references from the first and some of the previous sequels to the original. I hope that because it’s homaging that, that they will not make a sequel to this remake. Because generally they suck, and it is no longer the 80’s and 90’s when sequels to slasher films were more popular and expected. (tell that to the Final Destination and Shrek franchise.)

However one thing to consider: Director is Michael Bay, and I do know there are people who are not fond of his work (Transformers 1 and 2) due to complaints of massive explosions and gearing to the modern American teenager rumble-tumble movie audience. Reasoning why he’s now taken on this classic 80’s slasher film is simple: it has teenagers in it and alot to do with fire and boiler rooms. Perfect for him…however much many would have liked a more reputable horror-director, not one that has fighting giant robots under his directing belt.

Note that my previous post on the remake is now a little outdated. For more information and the art-idea trailer click this paragraph.

Doonesbury and Candorville

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I was a little icked in my opinion at the Doonesbury comic in today’s paper, comparing Obama’s pressing to reform and provide a natural government service for healthcare to all citizens…with the Nazi’s genocide of the Jews.

In contrast there was also the Candorville comic which using an exaggeration but true happenstances when one is needing a hospital and your corperation-run healthcare insurence, which are institutions to get money not to truly care for your health are picky and restricted with business policies have here in the comic, and in reality, killed people because it is not a natural government service and right for you to go to a hospital so your life can be saved…which is what Obama is trying to reform.

Two very different opinions. Doonesbury notes and dislikes Obama’s socialist step to provide a government service while Candorville encourages Obama’s health care reformation. Socilism fears and health care reform. Exaggerations and truths. Opinions and politics.

Disney Buying Marvel Comics

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’tis true!


This could mean potential bad news but, it appears, mostly good for the Marvel comics industry, Disney is buying plenty of shares of the company. Together Marvel Comics and Disney will use Disney’s fine team of professionals to further their business, merchandising and other such things.

However when one thinks of Marvel, one thinks of the badass X-men, of Spiderman and the Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Thor. Classic characters of our modern culture and fantastic adventures still stocking our bookstore shelves. Why would Marvel need Disney to help it along? They certainly make enough off movie companies with successful film franchises, further burgeoning along the comic book boom. *though I have noticed that it’s DC that’s been winning, with Batman and Superman graphic novels that seem to be more intelligent and captivating…not to mention Smallville and The Dark Knight.*

Then one thinks of Disney for children entertainment, Winnie the Pooh and Miley Cyrus. However Disney isn’t as innocent as you think nor is it just animation and pop stars. More and more Disney’s image is becoming many, many things and an important growing part of the business world, an industry-power. With the acquisition of Marvel, Disney now has the ability to further put Marvel in the spotlight with more merchandising, ideas, etc. I believe this is a ploy for both companies: Disney gaining a new ally under it’s belt in industry-domination and Marvel to ‘gain more speed’ in it’s Cold War race with DC Comics. Plus, Marvel itself is catering towards kids anyways.

John Simm as the Master returns to Doctor Who.

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For all you Doctor Who fans…and of John Simm…and especially The Master…
I have found  spoilers for the Doctor Who special where Tennant is to be ‘killed off’ and regnerate into the 11th Doctor for the offical season of Doctor Who next year. The new Doctor will be portrayed by Matt Smith.

But how will he regenerate for this final showdown episode this Christmas?

The Master returns, blonde and evil as ever to kill him off.

Link to article of this supreme awesomeness.

The summary of the trailer of this TV special has been provided, as the trailer was shown at the Comic-con this year.

And then there was the trailer for Tennant’s final two-parter, which appears to be called “The End Of Time”:

We see the planet Earth from space, with the sun coming out behind it, and Timothy Dalton’s voice purrs: “It is said that in the final days of the planet Earth, everyone had bad dreams.” And then we see weird laughing faces, followed by David Tennant looking quite perturbed. We see glimpses of Wilf, Donna, Donna’s mother, and an African man in a suit, all looking very serious. And there’s a scary snake-faced creature. And then there’s a figure in a dark hoodie lurking ominously. Dalton narrates: “He returns.” We catch a glimpse of Ood Sigma, the Ood who told the Doctor his song was ending. And then the Doctor standing in the background, with the guy in a hoodie in the foreground. And then the hoodie comes off, and it’s John Simm with his hair weirdly bleached! His voice comes: “My name is the Master.” And then a title comes on the screen: “THE END OF TIME.” And the Doctor walks forward with flames in the background, his face looking smoky and serious. And the title says “CHRISTMAS 2009.” And the crowd goes wild.

Russell T. Davies did confirm that Lucy Saxon, the Master’s long-suffering wife, will be back in the final episodes, alongside Simms. And the words “He will knock four times” have a great significance.

And so there we have it. He will knock four times. You Are Not Alone.

I am so very, very excited for Christmas!

EDIT: Here my friends…I give you, the trailer bootlegged from a watcher at Comic-con.

EDIT AGAIN: New news regarding Simm’s word on after the filming.

House: Awesome Show

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House. My favorite show on TV now.

Besides Taxi and M*A*S*H* my favorite shows that are on are Hell’s Kitchen and…House. House is awesome. My kind of show.

I love the drama, the music, the characters working together…Dr. House…amazing.

It also has advanced lighting techniques and that sort of feeling that makes it crisp, blue and classy.

IMDB information on House, which the show is updated and you can watch on Hulu.

Yanni and Baker Street

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Yanni: A romantic piano-based composer who has fame for making beuatiful melodies that couples love. Very good stuff. He know how to market himself.

Gerry Rafferty: A band form the 70’s. Rock, saxophone and guitar. Classic.

This is one of Yanni’s hits, If I Could Tell You.

This is Gerry’s main hit and classic rock song Baker Street.

Notice something? Like…melody stealing?

Gerry was way, way before Yanni by the way.