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Dream 10-18-09: The Last of Humanity

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Dream 10-18-09.

We were scuttled inside. There, we were in these tower apartments, plain and simple gray carpeting and walls, futuristic. Outside was a small park, the pool and green water. I looked out the windows of the high hall outside my room. The sky was no sky, however but a bubble: it was layers up-and thousands of layers of black seething slime-mud, and we were the last humans in the world. The Federation has let this planet and its people, with were basically one people with one mind *the mud* keep us alive and well to live and breed.

However, we are humans and have made a bad reputation of being destructive aliens. Worse, we were constantly surrounded, with no escape, by the mud alien. As the days passed it became apparent that despite all this leisure and doing nothing…a regiema was intact. Soon we were like in a prison, and these black knight police were scolding, picking on us and deranking my family for silly little things. In a few more days there was more disagreements with this strict policies. We only had one style of clothing, and we were kept like animals.

I soon noted with fear that we were on this planet because we were to be bargaining chips, for the mud-people were in fact none hostile aliens, sly and vile, and would not hesitate to seep their acid sticky mud, like the Blob, through the walls and slowly suffocate and kill us all. Their planet has no air. We certainly would be trapped and die.

Our only way to be alive was to live and shut up and not even speak out about anything, and wait for outside news. We were given to the mud people temporarily as a sign of trust between the more-powerful alien races of this federation. But the trust was lacking. Soon indeed some mud WAS seeping and attacking us in the main building!

Me and the other scrambled to the large window which gave a view of the green small lake-like see, but was incredibly deep, and several stories down. We were sheer over it. I watched others jump, to escape the mud and soon I jumped out too. I closed my eyes, hoping my angle would not make me sink into the water.

I succeeded, and swan as fast as I could to the beach at the park, and the entrance to our building of habitation. The mud had ceased, and they ‘apologized’ for any inconvenience. It was clear they ‘leaked’ so they could show their power. If I got stuck to the mud for a longer time I would begin to dissolve. This place was our only supply of air. I was horribly frightened.

We went back to our rooms, however our pair of scissors was broken. So we opened them up and cut the spring inside, but the black knight laughed and scolded us for not consulting him to fix the scissors! We were condemned to the lowest grade-level, and among the ‘last’ in their caste system. Instead of ridicule from the other humans around us, it was fright. We were just fixing our scissors! We were all in this together, being horribly abused.

Then a large sound. The Mud! They were finally going to  kill us! It seeped everywhere, faster but still for a slow death. I ran with the others to the park, as the black knights and even Cooler from DBZ was hitting and laughing, abusing as they went.

However a hero came; a strange alien with three large spaceships was parked. He was to rescue us! We surged into the space ships, and one by one they took off, through the mud with their superior technology and into space.

Space was beautiful. We had barely enough food and we could only last three months, but our journey was to the Federation senate to be housed. We were saved.

Godly Cartoon Smite. Dream 6-8-09.

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Dream 6-8-09.

I was in my house. My family was too. I went into the driveway, hearing thunder in the distance. As I strolled about the front yard I realized that today, around the world, was the re-enactment of the plaques Moses did to Egypt! I headed inside and was frightened, for I always am when cosmic anomalies arise. My siblings and family throughout the house were in wonder and foreboding terror as the sun quickly set and darkness, like a blanket move in on the evening sky in one wave. All was dark save the moon, yellow, dripping.

I was chatting with Andi my friend, and she was reporting the same thing at her home. But it was on the news this was not related to the bible: there were aliens, going about incinerating. For in the distance in the sky and the loud sound of thunder and ominous loud things, it was a swarm of alien ships coming closer, and closer, dead on in our direction on my street. I typed ‘bye’ to Andi and prepared to make my family run, run, run while they can.

They did not listen, instead to hide in the basement and face this threat. I warned the house could be incinerated by the fire, but no, they did no move. I watched as the aliens busted through with space ships and warriors through the gate of our street the neighbors were bracing. One of them the commander had possessed a body of a man and was in our house, gloating in a distorted voice our deaths and agonies.

When he went into another room I ran outside. Deep into the backyard, through the trees on the left of our large yard, into the neighbor’s bushy undergrowth and climbed over the layers of walls. I new I had to reach safty, where ever it was. I remembered several dreams and I knew, just knew, there was a world beyond where I could escape.

I was the walls. Leaping up and unto I knew I had passed into the realm of the fantasy. I crawled through the layer maze of holes in the upper wall in the blue sky, encountering creatures and Mr. Nowhere man, pools of water, finally…

I had reached the department store! People demented and dressed elegantly, and I flew over them towards the next room to the right. There were terraces *all this was obviously indoor and enclosed* and people in normal clothing from the 1800’s.  I flew over them, smiling.

I soon came to another room festooned with light and a cartoon boardwalk of brick, floating in a the shallow water. There were plants and jungle stuff, and a room by the dividing wall. I went inside and saw satyr people, devils and Jesus having sex. I was suddenly put inside one of their heads in an orgy, fucking one another as a goat man. Soon I flew out of the head, and continued walking my journey past the twisted room of the sexual satyrs. People were walking by me, from all sorts of rooms. People, children, satyrs, the 18000’s people, cartoon creations, etc. But I felt watched.

Soon I encounterd a long counter top dividing me.  I leaped over and discovered on the other side of the countertop was chips and onion rings roasting in an oven. I was certainly so glad after having a gay sexual escapade fucking Jesus with Satan. For there to my front was a recreation of Mackinac island, this dimly lit swimming pool and fountain. As I waded in and out of the cold water to go towards the light around it, I felt watched.

Watched by a mix of Count Olaf, Dr. Who’s face and wearing a pink and white pinstripe vaudeville suit. He was on a porch looking above, and I left to the left.

There was a general store and restaurant, and looking out I saw the sky! I went to there, and there was a jungle! Green and lush! And lo and behold a tourist large viking boat boarding passengers. I however went closer to the light *realizing that the jungle would lead back to the swamp next to my yard, back to reality* and walks on the wooden floating plank dock and towards the edge. There I saw the source of true sunlight in all this enclosure: a bubble window overlooking the destroyed Detroit city of reality.

So I determined, I must live here to be safe from the outside world I went into the general store of the people and cartoons where, the Candy Man *as I called him* was there! He smiled and started to grab and chase me! I went through the fountain, over the countertop in his pursuit, through the brick boardwalk and thought I lost him admits the throngs of the Satyrs.  I thought.

I knew I must escape back into reality, for I would be endlessly pursued by the horny Candy Man. I went back to the large bubble window, towering over me. Tot he left were the wishing rooms.

One room was for the random wishes of treasure. Another for the random wishes of life-positions of power. And another, the random wishes to go home! so I went in, the Candy Man watching…I was granted and walked down underneath the tent…crawled…

And ended up under the stair case of a college. there I saw my sister, happy and alive at college!

But alas I felt compelled and took her along to show her around. There I back tracked, showed her the chips, the Mackinac Island water park, the general store and ended where I described the cartoon bricks of the Satyr room.

And then I saw the Candy Man standing there clutching his bamboo hooked cane.

And then, I had awoken. Loosing my fantasy world.