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My Old Handwritten Dream Diary

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Dreams from the past.

Whilst rearranging my drawers of my bedstands, I found my old draconic-looking notebook. Inside I kept track of a few important dreams of mine from yonder, hand-written by a sloppy dark pen.

My most important dream ever was recorded here.

Dream Feburary 1, 2006. Grandma’s house overnight.

I was passing strange creatures in cloudy wodded areas. Then, I saw things along with a realisitic Grim Reaper, enter a labyrinth. I saw the top, and the reaper left.

I seemed to be wearing blue. I entered the pathway and watched myself walk to a doorway. I then had realizied that I was to decode the wall and get into the tomb to save the last of the humans. Then there was a time limit. It seemed like a game, to decode. I had to find clues in a book of altered Shakesphere plays. One was about a boy starting a choir. Then, Death was slowly coming to me in the maze. The dream skipped the opening of the door, and walked into the hallway into the ivy tomb. I saw images of people rejoicing and thanking the Lord and me for saving them.

Then, the time was up. I had done the mission, but then Death appeared. My name was not in the book of death and I answered, ‘Why have you come?’ He answered ‘Because I want to.’ Suddenly a scream was heard, and what seemed to be my dad with the people burst into the tomb.

Everywhere, blood and guts were splattered. There, the blood was my blood. I had died a needless gorey death. All that was left on an alter was a sipke of thing wood and the shredded red muscle meat of my body, piked in a quivering pile.

Death was on trial. The people had my remains on a funeraly pyre, and they were booing and crying out at the evil of Death. Death had wanted to kill me, and succedded. Death lied that he felt sorry for killing me. He then left the crying people, and suddenly Death was bound with wires. He yelled in fear, as if the Gods would punish him, but there was a thick fat vile man, creating more evil to Death’s bones. Then, Death made a vile, hearty echoing laugh of evil, and his laugh of triumph carried off as the scene rose up into the blue misty evening sky through a valley, at the sound of violins. Then I woke up at 4:15 AM.

I believe the terrifle thing showed my sacrifice for the good to live. But my sacrifice was in vain.

Well wans’t that delightful?

Now for I recorded the earliest dream I remembered. 1995?

I had created flower people and a pansy-flower girl looked like a holland dutch girl with shoes, bonnet and dress. She was a princess fairy, and she stumbled unto a bee’s nest in the maple tree by our driveway. Then she fell into a pit dug by Mr. Beetle of “Thumbelina”. He then sounded like a song we heard in our childhood about a Jamacian tax man. He was gambling at a table dishing out cards with the girl behind him tied up, and she was dressed in rags.

Another early dream from a stay up north, maybe less or a year more after that one.

Captain Hook was at the end of a multi-colored lane in the dining hall and kitchen up North. He was urging us to go on it and lead to him.

(Note: My grandma’s house was the only time we could watch Peter Pan.)

This one was much later. I think maybe 2005, 06.

Another dream was weird. A large, dark aviary took up the entire large family room up North. I went out of it, and it had budgies in it. I went into the kitchen to find a red carpetted hallway that was tall and went really way down. The cieling was high and I ran down it. I came across a room where there was an orchestra rehearsal in the yellow lighted room. My brother and sister were tumbling about further down the hallway in the distance.

As it’s written, “Still another”.

I was a white bat and I was trying to fly over a mini highway in the garden with the ice cream cones. Then, a person grabbed my ankle and tried to pull me back, but I won and went into the swamp to a lake. When the bat awoke, I was in a boat on the tall Wall at the end of our yard, still being hunted by the person.

This was the last dream entry of the book.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the little peek into my childhood subconcious. Early on my dreams were mostly set at my grandmothers….but from that last one, more and more till this very day it deals with my front and back yard, down the street left and right and the wonderland hidden in the Wall.

Darth Vader and Captain Hook: A Dream 5-5-09.

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Dream 5-5-09.

The beginning is a bit muddled. Somehow I’m some girl in a dress, going about and flying in Neverland, when I’m captured by Captain hook and the pirates, brought down to their ship in the dark.

For some reason I have sex with Captain Hook. DISNEY Captain Hook. THAT ONE.

I didn’t want it but seriously the only Hook I want is Jason Isacc’s Hook, not the animated one!

After that I was being paraded around…donuts…with the pirates…and then…

Some how then I was back in reality, a girl scout and some Girl Scouts around me were in Grandma’s yard, putting creasent slices of cake and orange cookies on their faces. Eventually the went away, and I was there with my sister.  I flew to the house roof, and, closing my eyes, feel backwards flapping my way down slowly. However when I reached the concrete my sister was yelling how I could have died, though I was in control. Grandma went outside, and somehow the concrete patio was reallly, relaly long and subdivided by the wooden fence. Following her by flapping, I came past a dark deadend, and under the wood…

Landed in an alternative version of the Carbon freeze chamber of <i>The Empire Strikes Back</i>.

I was running about, constantly seeing Darth Vader looking at me! I ran to another room , his lightsaber drawn, at a pace behind me and I was in a storage chamber with bright lights and red boxes. I backed up to a corner with some tables, and a bounty hunter plus Vader with a yellow saber was about to kill me! 😦

I raised my hands begging not to, I was there under the gaurd of the bountyhunter,  sitting there as Vader went aobut his business with stormtroopers and Imperial officers. I saw a camera watching me, mirroring in red that I was sitting there. Behind me, a purple heatvent.

I ran and ripped it apart, crawling down and down the wall and found another one soon. Another room almost like it. I went out but slid down a metal chute to a pile of boxes in a narrow long hall, with the chute, that lead to the room. Vader was there and not. Pleased.


I started to try and clamber up the metal and he threw lightsabers at me! I somehow activated a forcefield and blocked them! I ran, expelling energy to protect me as I went past him and lightsabers went and hit. I ran and ran form stormtroopers and Vader, down the hall, to the left to another giant room, up stairs and leaped off at the top…

I was floating, flying across, slowly descended over a small mini dessert. And I knew, I did NOT want to land.

Dream ended.