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Doonesbury and Candorville

Posted in News Updates Other Than My Life with tags , , , , , , , on September 27, 2009 by Sahkmet

I was a little icked in my opinion at the Doonesbury comic in today’s paper, comparing Obama’s pressing to reform and provide a natural government service for healthcare to all citizens…with the Nazi’s genocide of the Jews.

In contrast there was also the Candorville comic which using an exaggeration but true happenstances when one is needing a hospital and your corperation-run healthcare insurence, which are institutions to get money not to truly care for your health are picky and restricted with business policies have here in the comic, and in reality, killed people because it is not a natural government service and right for you to go to a hospital so your life can be saved…which is what Obama is trying to reform.

Two very different opinions. Doonesbury notes and dislikes Obama’s socialist step to provide a government service while Candorville encourages Obama’s health care reformation. Socilism fears and health care reform. Exaggerations and truths. Opinions and politics.