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Dream 2-10-10: Alternate world and Harry & Marv.

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Dream 2-10-10

It had begun in our backyard, at night. As it were I was looking about, and the world was green and blue as it should be. But to my wondering eyes should appear, but it inverted into how ‘Canada’ should be!

The world inverted to red trees and dark red things. The grey road turned reddish grey, and part of it on the sides was cobblestone brick. Apparently ‘Canadians’ you go walking the street the opposite of what you’re supposed to…so, here I was, cars going past behind me to front, walking with my sister and grandma on the cobblestone, inverted in the world. Finally I came home after the terrible backwards ordeal I just went through.

It was even more night, and as I flew into the window of my bedroom I saw meteors in the sky, showering the heavens. I watched with my family as a strange alien ghostly being was talking in the sky! It was like…really out of place, and terrifying to me. Well it turned into a giant magical projection all over the world of a Hollywood channel talking about Michael Jackson or something…my parents though wouldn’t believe me that it was human-made and just some weird joke on us. I mean really, it was obvious!

Then, it morphed into something else. I recalled that my school was choosing students, with alien robots, to murder if they got good grades. I watched the process as the robots at the desk grabbed the student’s head and disintegrated it. Now that isn’t be logical or nice, so I began to run…slowly, since my dreams always hinder my main movements. >_<

As I went down the imaginary wonderful world of my dead-end street that always turns into an awesome place of neighbors and houses and woods, Harry and Marv from the Home Alone series began to chase me!

Sure they look nice now. Wait till they become humorous 90's villains.

I mean like seriously, didn’t expect THAT. But after all, they were in two movies of elaborate chases and hilarity, so no surprise there they are perfect for this formula.

I kept running and hiding everywhere, in homes and places you would think they wouldn’t expect. I was wrong, a lot, all these people’s home, failures to hide they were always just a little ways behind me.

I had gone into a nice darkened home, similar to my altered grandparent’s home from a previous dream. There was Christmas trees and all sorts of fake snow everywhere, and it turns out this WAS my adopted home with  my siblings inside. Well, as I went through the maze of the house, my new ‘dad’ hovering nearby, I didn’t trust this place enough to hide in, the hiding spots were obvious.

So I went outside, and they were way farther back than I thought! I would go to the airport in the strip mall  I just went into from the back door of the house. There I was, running down the big mall hallway, slowly and restricted of course from my dream’s terrible gravity, into the airport….

…whereupon they were there waiting for me, behind me.


I got out of there real quick, vaguely hearing my sister calling out. I went down the mall hall besides a steampunk Costco, the whole place turning brown and grey bricked and different styled…and I came across a frisbee tossing clown.

As I laughed and was jogging (slowly) past him, more and more of his local clown buddies were coming in, juggling and all sorts of stuff. They looked like they were hot teenager boys under the outfits, but I was backed into a corner, my smile fading as they turned all gold and metallic and took the shapes of sinister evil, violent, blood and lusting clowns.

As I became trapped by giant clown arms I saw Harry and Marv just in the crowd of horrified people watching, laughing. I knew I made strange sounds, in terror of course, there were golden demonic clowns on top of me!

I then was back at the building where they were sorting out the students to be slaughtered. Obviously I must have been blacked out after knowing, in the dream, I suffered some incredible torture of some sort…and was back here where I was supposed to be. I complained to our principal who was very helpless under the power of the alien robots about how this whole thing was wrong. I then ran out to escape…but I thought better of it and stayed at my desk with some others. Special white and blue police came and yelling and with big guns as they ran past the doors into our street, now an enclosed mall-like space, after to slaughter escapees. I remarked how glad I was I didn’t escape at that moment, and I was waking up into full consciousness.

Dream 12-5-09: Three in one, with nosferatu, flying and secret orphanages

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Dream 12-5-09

The first dream involved my Chemistry class. Something was quite wrong, as we were facing in a different direction, and it became evident the tree we were decorating was a giant umbrella. But, as it went along, there was a sorta Dalek-shaped-gray thing that was just really REALLY scary. It reminded me of the killer evil unnatural Christmas tree from a dream in my childhood. It was moving closer and closer to me.

Thankfully my mom’s alarm clock in the other room went off very loud, so I woke up. But she wasn’t there, so I had to turn on a light, go into the room, fiddle around trying to find the switch, and head back to bed.

When I went back to sleep, it was the apocalypse.

The world had gone into wilderness and I lived in a van. We drove to a dark wood church, shrouded by pine trees, the wet dark from wet. Inside there was a choir and this one man, but I knew wrong had been done here, on the stairs to the right-middle. It was where…something about the creator of Winnie the Pooh…but when I went outside to tell the world I had become my true form, which was a purple female Andalite! But, the leader of the church was a strong, bad Andalite…he banished me, and being weaker than him, I went back to the van as a human.

I woke up a little when dad went to bed, but promptely fell asleep.

It was now daylight, and we parked at the curb of a road that led down a green hill-cliff, which was the roof od a warehouse! well, we were behind the wall, which against the wall was a line of thicket and thorns for shelter. I and my brother had the idea, to get money, to make ‘rainbow pumpkin buddies’, and if you buy all four giant ones you get the special small one!

Well it felt that the Nosferatu vampire wearing orange were our new natural predators, so you bet me and my brother hid when the rainbow pumpkins, in the distance, were being destroyed by the vampire. However he saw us, so you bet we ran! We went into the thicket back and forth, but to no use he advanced.

I broke into a run, down the hill, flapping and flopping through the air! I went around the building, which seemed to be the place where our house was, and went to the neighbors looking for any vines to grab and crawl and get away. No use, for when I went into the alleyway, inside the house…I was trapped.

I was held down and trapped, awaiting his cold fingers upon me…soon they did, touching me and pulling at my clothes while he spoke a strange language, talking to himself as I was stripped…

Turning to my left, I saw a y oung boy. He was using a roll of wrapping paper as a measuring stick, demonstrating…something awful, for the poor boy. Then he turned into some bitchy woman!

I escaped somehow, and the dream was becoming more warped. As I ran around and around again, and into the next house while the fmaily was having dinner, the lady behind me kept roling her eyes like an idiot valley girl constantly going ‘You cannot escape very long…’ I ran back out and back to the hill-grassy-wall roof, then back again, after kicking a blue and blonde barbie doll, screaming…

Back into the house I broke through a window. Strangely there was a room, with rows upon rows of dirty white bathtubs! The other room however…was awful. There was these retarded children, who were murderous zombies, glowing in bright digital colors. I felt sad for them, locked in this room sitting at decrepit schooldesks…so against the will of that lady, who was nagging behind me, I set them free.

As I ran with them to, this time strangly another location *like some open spaced golf course* that was out the window the kids were biting and turning other people into zombies! So me and my sister went into a silver car…unfortunate as we went up a hill…there were four evil clowns.

Quite distressing they hijacked us and at gun point were making us go unto some freeway into the city…well, it was not very fun.

I woke up soon as we got unto the freeway.

Dream 8-9-09: Pennywise *again* and Samurai Tickler

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Dream 8-9-09.

It all began when I headed down a trail *the trail at a familiar church in Franklin Village, MI* and there was a concrete garage-building. Inside was my art desk, and there I sat with the one light bulb and some regular square windows drawing a red-headed Playbunny, art styled.  I headed back up the path getting ideas for drawings of Princess Peach and Bowser.

Turning back, my garage place was much bigger, but there were Renaissance people messing it up! They soon left when I returned, and the building grew bigger and bigger. Half of it had no roof and lost some walls, and overlooked a familiar dream landscape *a giant pool, and now part outside of a giant building warehouse.* I looked and was going to put my desk and orange giant chalk sticks somewhere with the good lighting when a samurai was running towards me!

I ran, past my mom who was there and to my right unto a field. I ran on the grass, tumbling and looking back. As the Samurai pinned and tied me up I had a good view of the large building. It looked like an office building, and inside I knew Kitleigh lived in there. There was the pool, the ruins of the garage building, etc. and rolling hills.

Then the Samurai started tickling me! I knew several days were passing, as I was for ransom and there were lies I wanted to be tied up with red ribbon in a baby crib…anyways, the tickling was getting unbearable, crying and laughing under his feet.

Limp and tied, I was soon dragged to the front steps of some house. Looking up…I came face to face with a fearsome foe, Pennywise.

He was like the book version with slicked back orange hair. However his eyes were a ghastly yellow and had a purple nose and lips. Her leered looking out the window of the door. I immediately made my way to crawl and run away.

Screaming I started worming and crawling through the meadow towards the very close pool. I knew he was behind me and in a short amount of time I had made it, rolling and squirming to the water. I turned into a penguin, and dove in, swimming as fast as I can through the deep water. I paid no attention to the dead albatross at the bottom, for it would make me sick, and already I was freaking out and staying near the surface. Soon I had made it into the dock, which led to the wonders of the ware-house city.

Turning human under the large alcove of the dock, I clung to the wall, meeting a few children. Pennywise apparently stalked the city-building freely, killing someone almost every night.  With them, I proceeded to ask for assistance about this. None gave.

I turned into the building, walking down the hallway and past the aisles of homes and the upper overlooking stories. It became dark the people went to their respect sorted ‘communities’ and to sleep, hiding from the stalking of the clown. There were the robos, the ravers, the normal ones, and other different types of persons of humanoid shapes. I was left alone in the pale yellow light of the hanging lamps.

I flew, flying towards the back with inflatable balloons at the top level of the big aisles. There I saw Pennywise eating a child on the back of a floating bear! But Pennywise had taken the form of a lithe, bright pink figure without hair. It turned into a mean, obnoxious woman and I knew it had seen me.

I flew, breath heavy and fast towards the otherwise with more balloons. I hid, snuggled, hoping he didn’t find me. But alas it was not so. I flew around, looking to escape as the blonde flying and toothed obnoxious-lady Pennywise was after me!

I reached the dock, landed in the shallow water.  She attacked and pinned me down. However there was a silly roleplay I had with my friend awhile ago…in reality that is. In it, we added the idea Pennywise has a foot fetish. Quickly I began sucking Penny’s toes, and he was immediately subdued. As soon as I could, I lept through the door, and away to safety!

At this point the dog had woke me up, but then I went back to sleep and continued.

Soon the warehouse-city was different. It appears there was some time past, and when I entered the city there was a floating sex doll of me! I was angry and went to the back corner, looking over this thing Pennywise had made of me. However it soon morphed into a someone I didn’t know, and then, well, I proceeded to…use it. I went into a dark corner, floating in between the crates, seemingly pulled and ordered to do so.

However apparently that was a criminal offense. In a blink of an eye I was in a rusty stall, facing the brick and half-plaster wall with my limbs chained to it. If I turned my arms twisted behind me, and since I could float and turn it kept me there, floating and chained. I could sit on a crate. I was naked, along with the rest of the inmates.

It was like bathroom stalls, with in this long corridor with only a wide, open barred window at the end. Time had passed of course and I knew this was one of the aisles of prisoners. The minor crimed ones, anyways. There were only a few people among the prison stalls, teenagers really. Beyond were the other corridors I couldn’t see with higher crimes.

Somehow I escaped! The place was much different, and as I floated along I had to hide my dirty, rust covered naked self from my grandma and uncles from the restaurant they were from. Quickly I made my way past the concert in the green room in the wall, and towards the locker room to get some clothing.

I was stopped however by my parents who came to rescue me. They got permission and I floated. The locker safes were either on the walls in the room or suspended from chandeliers. My number was 53, and I got a gray toga set that barely hung on me. Following my parents, we set out to be rid of this place.

The End.

Dream 7-25-09: Pennywise and Sailor Moon.

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Dream 7-25-09.
At Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, 2009 Session II.

It was the dark room from my childhood, the room where I had my sleepover in my first girl scout troop. There Pennywise appeared, saying he wanted to eat and rape me at the same time. With fear, obviously I began to run, moving away from his slowly advancing form. Then, he decided to stalk and chase Tim Curry in the room, since Tim Curry played his role and *like the 7th Nightmare on Elm Street movie* he wanted to terroize him.

I sorted the Tim Curry movies in one of the cabnits in our kitchen. Then, going outside past some past dream landscapes it was sunny and there was the building we were in *we being me, my siblings and mom*was the forbidden palace.

We were in the parking lot, and there was the partiality of a Winnie the Pooh rollarcoaster. The coaster was a silver Volkswagen beetle mom hijacked, and in it we went over the cliff edge…into a puddle of water that turned into a blue and purple-mauve friendship bracelet. We got out, dissapointed it was not even finished!

And so, heading across the street, nighttime, to our neighbor’s yard. Sailor Moon, Mercury and Venus had spied, but Venus was the betrayer! We were surrounded by these evil versions of power rangers, and this fat middle aged man with long brown hair. We were waiting for Sailor Jupiter, but she didn’t come, and so I turned into a sailor scout with green and mauve purple-blue colors!

I was weak though, and in the fight I was easily gropped and captured in the fat man’s arms. As I struggled and became controted, small, I saw this strobe light vision of a man in the night, with a strobe light, being crushes by a snowball with a pine tree in the middle.

The End.

Dealing with Coulrophobia

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Perfect example by great Youtuber Nalts. XD

Interesting indeed. Makes me laugh all the time!

I can deal with people dressed as clown, however much I prefer to stand at a distance and not get involved. I would have to say then I have a ‘fetish of making it a funny ‘big’ deal of it and avoiding them’.

Then this video comes along to foil all your efforts.

Art Update 3-29-09: Wicked Clowns, Lotor and sketches

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Art update 3-29-09.

The rendition of my horrible clown-chase dream...

The rendition of my horrible clown-chase dream...

Full-view profile.

Princess Allura and Prince Lotor, a match made in heavenly space! NOT.

Princess Allura and Prince Lotor, a match made in heavenly space! NOT.

Full-view profile.


Sketches form the body building show the night before.

Sketches form the body building show the night before.

Full-view profile.

More sketches from the show with an assorted amount of Tim Curry. :3

More sketches from the show with an assorted amount of Tim Curry. :3

Full-view profile.


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Have you no pain?
No sorrow or remorse to feel
as you hasten through the court
to your own special place.
Ah, Demon, you are no other.
You cunning fiend, you lustful creature,

You smell and hear it.
It races through her body
as she sprints and dashes
the nightmare world of her soul.
It’s taste you relish as you chase and excite your appetite.
That woman, rushing through the thicket,

Is it true you can taste it?
I see you sit with her
and she squirms like a flushed rabbit
trembling in your arms.
Smiling you laugh and lick your lips and fingers entwine about her body.
It tastes strong as you lick her, that heavy scent of

I know you need it.
To conquer the mortals
in your sick twisted game
and ease the tension of boredom.
Your purpose was to need and use them.
Now this one resists, and you know you must use your

You’re like a man after all?
She screams as you grope
with claws in garments
tearing with urgency as you mount her.
Harsh movements cause you both to pleasure.
The air grows warm, her back arched with false

Her warm face dotted with water.
Gasping breath and heavy moans
excites you as one being together
for the moment as you violate her with glee.
The woman cries in pain and horror.
You taste the fear, inside her

She wishes it would come.
It becomes granted painfully
when your claws in rapture rips her skin
and blood makes you purr as you kill her for your amusement.
Your blue lips open for a sound of laughter when you stab her dead.
Her wish was granted, and given true

What more do Demons feed upon?
I watched your tongue lap
the blood that spilt on her sweated pale skin
and heard the moan as it whetted your throat.
You enjoyed your unGodly meal.
Turning her soul to harlot, and feeing your Hellish

All demons, Hugo, have a home.
I saw you stand
in the naked light of night and leap
into the air with a streak of blood.
You flew into the underground to that palace of yours.
Hugo has eaten, and had seen his one night


A poem of my character, evil clown Hugo.

Art Update: 3-25-09. Scrapilicious Bowie

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Art Update 3-25-09.

A scrap and horrible face of Jareth from Labyrinth, along with scrappish crap.


AWFUL drawing of Jareth and Tim Curry.


And more scrapish! The main doodle is by my sister.

And more scrapish! The main doodle is by my sister.


An exhausted character of mine from my GMD fanfic The Mousetrap

An exhausted character of mine from my GMD fanfic The Mousetrap


Head-shots of Jareth and Dracula.


Hugo the Black Clown prepares to enjoy his delicious mortal meal...

Hugo the Black Clown prepares to enjoy his delicious mortal meal...


Well that’s about it! Enjoy!

Art Update 3-18-09: The Baron and Freddy.

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Art Update 3-18-09

Another update!

From my original story Demon Siope, the vampire Baron Raphael and the lady he's trying to seduce Lily Hawkins.

From my original story Demon Siope, the vampire Baron Raphael and the lady he's trying to seduce Lily Hawkins.

Full-view profile.

A friend of mine on DeviantART, a fangirl of my clown character. >:3

A friend of mine on DeviantART, a fangirl of my clown character. >:3

Full-view profile. DraculeaRiccy’s DA profile.

I haven't drawn Freddy in awhile, please bear with me!

I haven't drawn Freddy in awhile, please bear with me!

Full-view profile.

Art Update 3-17-09: Clowns and Dracula!

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Art update 3-17-09.

Time to do my first art update on this blog! So here we go!

Side-view of my lovely bunch of demon clown characters.

Side-view of my lovely bunch of demon clown characters.

DeviantART Link.

Scrapped this pic of a fanart for the song of Robot Rock by Daft Punk.

Scrapped this pic of a fanart for the song of Robot Rock by Daft Punk.

Robot Rock url for fullsize.

Hugo again done in charcoal and pastels.

Hugo again done in charcoal and pastels.

DA profile for full-size.

Dracula/Van Helsing. *Picture not in post to remain PG-13!!*

Andi and I's Van Helsing OC characters dressed up from a recent RP we did.

Andi and I's Van Helsing OC characters dressed up from a recent RP we did.

Full-view profile. Andi’s blog.

I doodled out a perspective view of his face...and ended up having him sitting on me. Oh JOY.

I doodled out a perspective view of his face...and ended up having him sitting on me. Oh JOY.

Full-view profile.

Well, that’s enough art for today! See you next time!