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Dream 8-11-09: Swamp and VHD

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Dream 8-11-09.

The beginning was the garden. The garden however, behind the grove o our yard was a swamp with pond weeds and scum. I was boated on floating sticks across the unknown depths of the bad water to the old fashioned pick up truck where stacks upon stacks of unknown, made-up gray Pink Floyd album and a tall tower of ceramic bowls tied with twine.  However the truck moved, and they fell into the water! Dad would be so mad!

I went to step on the sticks to get them and to shore, however my sister wouldn’t toss me them. So I leaped, and waded in the shallow water to shore. The shore being the back of our shed.

As I walked with my sister it was dark out, and where the other sheds were was farther away and a cottage. I was reading a Vampire Hunter D book where it said this village the Noble gives all the boys entering the village a test in these caves before he decides if one is to be at his pleasure. “He has a, shall we say, fondness for the males.” My sister giggled as I read it aloud.

Soon the image of Vampire Hunter D in a red tight weird hole…locked in and it looks like a red, smoother inside of a large geode. Well, next was a yellow and a blue one, with two rabbity creatures dying. Soon the vision ended and the vampire Noble *who looked like Count in the first VHD book* soon was carrying weakened D under his arm. The Noble had a greenish fine frock coat with yellowish long lacy sleeves, and D’s face was being twisted and distorted for a few moments…nonetheless I was being taken along by an invisible leash. The Noble was also bi, not gay. He had to keep up appearances anyways by having some lady!

We were led inside by some servants to the cottage, as the Noble went to a large sink and counter in the woods for his medicine. We sat at a table *familiar from the house I went to two days ago* and soon he returned with those delicious Chinese dumplings with the chives!

I ate alot of them, worried for D, and when the Noble left to get some of my ‘old friends’ D told me these were drugged with sleep drugs. The Noble meant for me to sleep while he had D…which was not very nice considering int he REALITY of the canon, Vampire Hunter D is basically invincible, and it would certainly be impossible really to rape him.

At this point the door opened and somehow I had short black hair. Outside looked in two ‘old friends of mine’ *who I had never seen before* a Pansy-flower faced lady in blue and another with dark hair in yellow.

I rubbed my head as the door immediately shut, somehow removing my straight short black hair out of a weird tie in the front, and I was wearing red. Then I was feeling loopy, strange colors as the drug took effect. Immediately I wandered into a room *again, familiar from my grandma’s house* with D, and I had a split person of myself, a hologram of a yellow dancing man on the wall. I flopped on the bed I was to share with the Noble and D *it could fit 3 as the Noble always expected* and soon fell asleep.

At this pointI woke up, once again. But went right back to sleep!

And so the dream weirdly continued. I flew to the garden and the edge of our swamp to the right. It was an airforce base where I worked. I landed, looking and walking about, past the All-Women’s-Air-Force unit with a meeting in the cockpit of a fighter plane. I watched the workers, taking over the night shift into the morning, clear and work at the desk I had worked at *supposedly* earlier in the night. All was fine as the sun rose over the morphing-in-size, bustling airport.

The End.

Becoming MewThree: Dream 5-18-09

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Dream 5-18-09.

As I remember, me and my family were in the Detroit Science Center. We went to the ground floor, and there was a giant, plastic labyrinth, besides that was a laboratory. As I floated upward with my sister, I looked down int he middle. There was a grave of Mewtwo, and lower in front of it was a deep, water pit where is essence and nervous system was extracted, filled with trash since it’s been a long time.

Going back, the labratory next to the labyrinth of see-through plastic was abandoned, and behind me was a set of boulders from the movie Tron. There, hovering around it, were two people in yellow-blue outfits which, in my dream, thought they were cosplaying Tron. They signed and my mom rejoiced some autographs, and told us of the legend. Mewtwo would rise again with his mate and Mew.

We left, and went to our personal space ship. It was dark and yet shiny, ridiges…hard to explain. Reminded me of the Empire in Star Wars. I felt scared, since we were now in space, in our spaceship, and it felt like REALITY.

Dad was then looking through a virtual holographic catalog of new space-centers *basically market squares of the ship for people to chat and etc* There was new designs besides this black and silver one. A girl with cat ears and a bobbed pink hair cut was enquiring about the museum, and I guessed she was asking about the reborn of Mew, and we connected, frightened we were to be reborn as Mewthree and Mew.

We then went to a school near the science center, where I was trying to find out where I could take my AP Art History. Eventually, I found it, and started doing it…but somehow I was pushed unto the table, in the lab at the science center, and having my nervous system extracted by a machine!

Limp and having a hole in my back, red and blue threads and fibers of my being were pulled out, and I saw MewTwo rise again, and I, in that tomb placement, and the other woman turned into Mew, and I myself into a pink and teal MewThree.

I had not wanted to be reborn into this form, just for the purpose of being a female with MewTwo.