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Offical NOES Remake Trailer is OUT!

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At last an offical sneak peek.

As some might know, or others not, the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake is scheduled for release April 30th, 2010. Our information prior has been only the work-trailer to illustrate ideas for the actual film, snippits of information and knowledge of where the filming was. Now at last we have a trailer…the REAL one. The Big-kahoonie.

Trailer and stills at

Looking at what we can, the movie is filled with the references from the first and some of the previous sequels to the original. I hope that because it’s homaging that, that they will not make a sequel to this remake. Because generally they suck, and it is no longer the 80’s and 90’s when sequels to slasher films were more popular and expected. (tell that to the Final Destination and Shrek franchise.)

However one thing to consider: Director is Michael Bay, and I do know there are people who are not fond of his work (Transformers 1 and 2) due to complaints of massive explosions and gearing to the modern American teenager rumble-tumble movie audience. Reasoning why he’s now taken on this classic 80’s slasher film is simple: it has teenagers in it and alot to do with fire and boiler rooms. Perfect for him…however much many would have liked a more reputable horror-director, not one that has fighting giant robots under his directing belt.

Note that my previous post on the remake is now a little outdated. For more information and the art-idea trailer click this paragraph.

The Dream Bait

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Dream the night of 3-7-09.

All seemed well. I crouched in the basement, along with thousands of others. Somehow I was here, and told to sleep…all my mind, was enslaved to the one thought; my body was needed no more.

Then I was in the swamp, with my siblings. We were playing, happily in the sunshine. But I knew thus it was a dream. A dream I did not like, the fact my body was weird to the Single Thought, under the influence of whatever evil the old geezers and Victorian women thought.

Then Freddy Krueger was there. He smiled and laughed, claws out and ready and chased us, chased us through the garden as I ran about. He stabbed at children, innocents, fleeing around in the yard. I stood behind a tree watching him kill and lash out like a beast. Then he noticed me.

I was pretty sure I had made a noise, a whimper, when I was sleeping. It felt like I had, for sometimes I can feel that I reacted out of the dream. It was a whimper. I ran, behind the shed, with him behind me, to the house. The shifting, changing house that it was. I saw my own body, like the others in the giant warehouse basement, kneeled and locked in the dream, focused on that one aspect, nothing more. I lept into my body and awoke.

I knew I must escape. what they were doing was wrong. I flew through the wall, and looked up to see the my bedroom windows. I flew up there, got dressed in a nice dress, as they made me wore, and flew down, beginning my trek to the street and down the road.

It seemed a long, long while, as I knew they would try to capture me and bring me back. I stopped to rest near the end of the street, and who should drive up but Grandma! But, she was one of them and grappled me into the car, driving me back.

Soon my house looked like a big church with dark brown bricks. I was inside, there was a party going to be on and all the linked, focused-sleeping people were inside the auditorium. I wandered outside in the hall, planning my escape. However a familiar old man told me to join them as I should, for I am but a tool and it is my rightful place. I pretended to be interested, wandered outside to the patio garden, and made my way to fly up to my room again through the window.

I procedded to dress in a very unique way. I thought I could fool them that I was a special being. The words swan, flower, maiden kept coming to my mind, and I put on a flowing gown. One half, the front was ruffled and white, while the back was a trailing red and black satin. I went down some hotel stairs, looking for the 3rd floor elevator, got in…but the top was open, and so I flew out and almost floated into a black abyss.

Stepping out, I was now on a dark beach, with a sunlight sky and a dark, brooding, pointed Gothic castle, long like a hall, with the poor dream-locked people inside, and overseeing the ocean, was the porch where my mother stood and a vicious, skinny, and vile-looking character who I assumed was the leader of this dream operation. I put a rack of antlars on my head, and flew about the building as a sinious dragon, undulating in the air, causing them to be in distress as the people awoke from the focused slumber into reality, from their dreams and made to be away from this orginization of the ignorant.

Exclusive Information of the new Nightmare on Elm Street Movie.

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That’s right, you know that A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise? It’s getting a remake movie.

Freddy Krueger, the burn victim villain with the claws and the means to kill people in their sleep. 6 sequels, 1 non-offical movie and Freddy vs. Jason film in the early 2000’s. A cultural icon. A horrifying nightmare to some, entertainment to many, and a sexy bloody beast to some.

So far the plans going on of the remake, in filming, have been mixed. Sure, the latest horror-icon remake Friday the 13th wasn’t that bad! But remaking such a more humor and well-known faced character? Freddy is known for personality and his face played by Robert Englund: Now he’s getting new actor, a slightly different plot-line, and expected to loose any of his humor.

What I miss is that it seems this new Freddy won’t have a smile on his face. I prefer he does look sadistic but, if he’s kept stone-cold-evil I’ll have to cry. It would be a shame.

In fact…hey, it’s looking good! EVIL. FIREY. WOAH MAN.

Jackie Earle Haley to play the new Freddy.

IMDB article on the Nightmare remake.

Have no clue what I’m talking about? Refer to this, the original movie that has spawned much sequels and franchise. I highly recommened this fun 80’s slasher flick!

Bike Ridin’ Rows: A Dream

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My room was fine, I stood and looked out the hallway.

There was a man. He was dark, short hair, in a large Victorian overcoat. His eyes glittered like rubies. He made his way, making cooing and hissing sounds to my room where I hid and closed the door. He said he was from the parrel-universe. I could see for myself.

I saw again the bathroom. It was normal. I went back to my room, knowing dad had come home and went to bed, smiling as he waved past me and went to his room.

I returned to the bathroom hearing nothing but the wind and darkness. I saw a gaping hole from where the window was; the entire wall was gone. The outside was a turmoil of a dark thunderstorm, my heart was pounding; the world looked like it had ended. The yard, and apartments behind the wall and everything was shattered and gray.

I had passed through into the bathroom and hopped down to the garden. I was in the parrel universe.

It seemed some time had passed, actually. Now it was sunny, the trees were overgrown and I was planting a garden. The world was a mess and so I had planted pumpkins and everything to sustain myself food.

Oddly I saw a mother and a baby deer prancing about. They asked me to join them, and I became a deer! I do not know how but I frolicked through the neighbor’s yard and in the pine trees with them.

It started to snow, and there was the abandoned house over there. I went inside, the whole place was a cozy three room home with sofas and red carpet and walls and a raccoon. Then I saw people outside, and shut the curtains, hoping to not be disturbed with my new deer family.

Somehow I was, for I turned into a human again and had to deal with the mob outside who wanted my food. I ordered them to till up their own yards and plant their food. They all left, carrying packets of seeds.

Again, much time seemed to pass. No longer was I standing in my white nightgown, I had a blue and black skin-tight suit! I decided to check up on my neighborhood *which is a dead end street and long but not too long, surrounded by woods in reality* and got on my matching motorbike and put on my helmet.

There was some deja vu again. In my dreams, my home street is filled with references to other dreams involving my suburb, including houses from another dream, actions, and seeming the street went on for a long, long time. In one dream there was a mansion and inside was the floors falling apart. That was in my dream too. And then one recent dream before that at the end of the road was deep in the woods, near a lake, with a building and an exit sign…it’s hard to describe.

And so on my motor bike I went down, down the road, looking at people’s yards in the sunlight as they plotted their own gardens. I winded and went down the gravel road, pleased at my speed and how fast and cool I was. Then I finally came to the dead end.

There people there, in similar motorbikes and suits and regular bicycles. I dismounted, and hitched myself and the bike on a traveling railway. It was basically, the ‘railway’, a long, curving, metal pole you attach yourself to in rotation which transports people, this metal pole-line, through the misty blueish woods to some building, which I was about to find out. The building had characteristics from that previous dream too.

I got on, whizzing past the forest to the building. Many people were there, mostly children and I entered up the concrete stairs.

There was a giant pool-ground play place. It was actually a Christian church of some sort, people were bathing and playing with their children. They believed they were safe from the outside world, with the preachers teaching and standing at the podiums where they stood. I watched, sneaking into the hotel for a moment and discovered there was a secret movie theatre. I came back out, hoping n one would catch me, and I saw my brother playing with some kids in the swimming pool. I was glad he was safe.

I left through the water park, being looked at like a non-believer and went on my way, to the deju again exit sign, past the winding stairs in the white concrete and people.

Alas, I thought I had parked my bike *somehow or another* outside the building and it was stolen. So I used a speedy, smaller, strange red tricycle. I was pedaling through and through a dreamy downtown, with small buildings, shops and boutiques and a glittery McDonalds arcade, gold and casino place down some of the roads. I peddled quiet fast through, with my odd steering capabilities as the sun set and the day grew gray and cloudy and almost into night.

Soon I had reached the new way to get to my street. There was a wall around and the only way through was to clamber through a breaking-down shack that had belonged to Freddy Krueger. An internet friend of mine and another random person were there with me as he clambered our way to the other side of the wreckage barely standing, that was wooden, warm, red and some green. I had the fear he would come out and attack me, but I made it through and pedaled my way down the road, the sun rising, and feeling happy as I neared home and looked at the gorgeous mansions and houses that in reality, don’t actually exist on my street.

*The End*

Art Update 3-18-09: The Baron and Freddy.

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Art Update 3-18-09

Another update!

From my original story Demon Siope, the vampire Baron Raphael and the lady he's trying to seduce Lily Hawkins.

From my original story Demon Siope, the vampire Baron Raphael and the lady he's trying to seduce Lily Hawkins.

Full-view profile.

A friend of mine on DeviantART, a fangirl of my clown character. >:3

A friend of mine on DeviantART, a fangirl of my clown character. >:3

Full-view profile. DraculeaRiccy’s DA profile.

I haven't drawn Freddy in awhile, please bear with me!

I haven't drawn Freddy in awhile, please bear with me!

Full-view profile.