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Dream 1-17-10: Mike Nezzie and the Yes Concert

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Dream 1-17-10

It had begun when I was driving the blue van, half tired, in the night while sitting in the seat uncomfortably. Somehow I looked like a young Steve Howe and in fact, I was a member of the band Yes. Well, I went unto the wrong road, was berated for it by my dad, and took the long sleepy half-conscious journey around to the road all the while thinking how terrible Yes was now in the 80’s.

I had somehow gotten home to our yard, whereupon I was myself! There in the grass-garden patch was a small rabbit nest, where therin I kept a small cute brown rabbit. Well as I was running around the yard there were three more white little rabbits and a white birds, which I had to scurry into their nest trying to keep them to stay so they won’t wander and get crushed. My grandma was nearby.

Somehow or another I felt…there was a purpose, or something, but another part of that ‘purpose’ came to my attention. As I ran with some terrible fear to the end of our yard Micky Dolenz of The Monkees was chasing after me to the far right!

Micky wouldn't harm a fly!

He’s a great guy and all, but he just looks like a gremlin! However much he is in reality my dream said he was bad. The wall at the end of our property turned into four layers with 2 foot alleys in between, so it was like stepping stones as I leaped and hopped across screaming. He was just about to grab me.

I don’t know, things morphed out when I was on the other side. The condominium neighborhood turned into a dark room with a bed, a red version of the room at my grandma’s well, Mike Nesmith was there, that hot little Monkee, but on the phone. He was talking to his wife! Jealousy raged, and he looked at me coldly. I knew I wouldn’t get anything, for he was staying true to his marriage and went out the door.

Nooooo! Don't leave me and grow old! Stay as you were in the 60's!

I then proceeded to wail and feel the full brunt of sexual frustration boil within me while wearing a red sheery sorta outfit. I kept trying to close the door but grandma, outside on the lawn with the white rabbits *somehow this room was where the treehouse was, outside, with an open roof, located in the yard* but the door kept opening, because either there were gray cats swarming in or the door actually was too thin to close properly for privacy. Desperation turned into fear as I walked out and, well, someone let my two parakeets loose outside.

Before I could catch Oliver and Lollipop, they flew into a cloudy fermented fishtank with water and the lid snapped shut! I panicked, and stuck my hand in and pulled out Oliver, who was not breathing. I laid him on the grass and pushed on his chest, and soon his feathers were turning into geometric circle patterns….that meant he was alive…but yet strangely in reality, Oliver is dead. Somehow I believe this imagery was some demented mix of the fact 1. In the real world Oliver died last year and 2. in the dream he’s supposed to be alive which makes a sorta godly figuration of geometric curling feathers and sparkles without him moving.

But Lollipop drowned. In reality, she’s still alive, albeit depressed.

I soon woke up with the horror of her dead in the dream, but really she’s alive.

My Old Handwritten Dream Diary

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Dreams from the past.

Whilst rearranging my drawers of my bedstands, I found my old draconic-looking notebook. Inside I kept track of a few important dreams of mine from yonder, hand-written by a sloppy dark pen.

My most important dream ever was recorded here.

Dream Feburary 1, 2006. Grandma’s house overnight.

I was passing strange creatures in cloudy wodded areas. Then, I saw things along with a realisitic Grim Reaper, enter a labyrinth. I saw the top, and the reaper left.

I seemed to be wearing blue. I entered the pathway and watched myself walk to a doorway. I then had realizied that I was to decode the wall and get into the tomb to save the last of the humans. Then there was a time limit. It seemed like a game, to decode. I had to find clues in a book of altered Shakesphere plays. One was about a boy starting a choir. Then, Death was slowly coming to me in the maze. The dream skipped the opening of the door, and walked into the hallway into the ivy tomb. I saw images of people rejoicing and thanking the Lord and me for saving them.

Then, the time was up. I had done the mission, but then Death appeared. My name was not in the book of death and I answered, ‘Why have you come?’ He answered ‘Because I want to.’ Suddenly a scream was heard, and what seemed to be my dad with the people burst into the tomb.

Everywhere, blood and guts were splattered. There, the blood was my blood. I had died a needless gorey death. All that was left on an alter was a sipke of thing wood and the shredded red muscle meat of my body, piked in a quivering pile.

Death was on trial. The people had my remains on a funeraly pyre, and they were booing and crying out at the evil of Death. Death had wanted to kill me, and succedded. Death lied that he felt sorry for killing me. He then left the crying people, and suddenly Death was bound with wires. He yelled in fear, as if the Gods would punish him, but there was a thick fat vile man, creating more evil to Death’s bones. Then, Death made a vile, hearty echoing laugh of evil, and his laugh of triumph carried off as the scene rose up into the blue misty evening sky through a valley, at the sound of violins. Then I woke up at 4:15 AM.

I believe the terrifle thing showed my sacrifice for the good to live. But my sacrifice was in vain.

Well wans’t that delightful?

Now for I recorded the earliest dream I remembered. 1995?

I had created flower people and a pansy-flower girl looked like a holland dutch girl with shoes, bonnet and dress. She was a princess fairy, and she stumbled unto a bee’s nest in the maple tree by our driveway. Then she fell into a pit dug by Mr. Beetle of “Thumbelina”. He then sounded like a song we heard in our childhood about a Jamacian tax man. He was gambling at a table dishing out cards with the girl behind him tied up, and she was dressed in rags.

Another early dream from a stay up north, maybe less or a year more after that one.

Captain Hook was at the end of a multi-colored lane in the dining hall and kitchen up North. He was urging us to go on it and lead to him.

(Note: My grandma’s house was the only time we could watch Peter Pan.)

This one was much later. I think maybe 2005, 06.

Another dream was weird. A large, dark aviary took up the entire large family room up North. I went out of it, and it had budgies in it. I went into the kitchen to find a red carpetted hallway that was tall and went really way down. The cieling was high and I ran down it. I came across a room where there was an orchestra rehearsal in the yellow lighted room. My brother and sister were tumbling about further down the hallway in the distance.

As it’s written, “Still another”.

I was a white bat and I was trying to fly over a mini highway in the garden with the ice cream cones. Then, a person grabbed my ankle and tried to pull me back, but I won and went into the swamp to a lake. When the bat awoke, I was in a boat on the tall Wall at the end of our yard, still being hunted by the person.

This was the last dream entry of the book.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the little peek into my childhood subconcious. Early on my dreams were mostly set at my grandmothers….but from that last one, more and more till this very day it deals with my front and back yard, down the street left and right and the wonderland hidden in the Wall.

Fabio Lust. Dream 4-27-09.

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Dream 4-27-09.

The early part of this dream is pretty vague. Apparently I’ve inherited four plots of houses that look almost exactly alike. Somehow Satan is involved, like I am his ward in these homes. I am constantly afraid he’ll demolish them while I’m in the city.

Then I see him, high above, tall and red with his horns and his face. He wishes to destroy the city, and I run, watching my mom hold my sister’s hand as if they were shopping and now running away. I run too, under the hot sun and the silver skyscrapers.

I turned back, only to see Satan smiling, and there, standing over me was Fabio himself, shirtless.

I felt an incredible pull to him, a pull of lust. He was smiling in all his cheesy-grin glory, closer and closer he stood against me, tempting me to touch and take and let him…

I had woken up. It was still very dark out, and since the dream was short I was sure it was late at night still.

But I moaned. I wasn’t fully awake, I could see his face but I wasn’t completely aware! I could see him touching me and I felt so, so aching for him. But I knew I was awake, I could hear and see my dark room  but I was writhing in my bed, the dream fading and so was my moaning outburst for him.

I could barely understand it. I thought I liked making fun of him but apparently he is just too romantic…and my dream confirmed I love him.

I settled back down to sleep…

The plots of land were still there I though, but as me and my sister traversed the dirt road in the country the bulldozers had destroyed the homes! We and to hide before Satan saw us, and so we ran down the road, with more trees, and quickly went across the street to a bird santurary. The lady put us in the bathroom, expecting us if we were to hide there to feed this rare leech.

I didn’t want that. So I ran, past the galleries and outside, looking to get away.

I met grandma, and so we made our way down the street and into a small town, looking for black slippers since my shoes were worn. We glanced at the small shops and homes at the street, nothing selling slippers…but there was a log cabin, as we passed deeper and deeper down the road with the trees and less homes, that I knew was a tea shop from another dream before.

And then we were in a dark age village, and there was an odd man who looked like Q from Star Trek, with an even weirder hat in his judge costume.

I did not like that.

We began to run, grandma even more frantic because she knew who he was! There were armored guards behind us running after us, gaining speed as we ran. By the time we reached the driveway of the bird sanctuary we were pinned to the dirt, hogtied and place on these large pieces of paper with a peculiar symbol, and they acted like a sled as we were dragged back struggling to the judge-man.

Back at the village he looked over us, checking my tied limbs. I felt incredibly vulnerable, his mouth in a peculiar and creepy grin. He had us tied to a post by the hut, and he sat a little ways away watching and plotting. I feared what he wanted to do.

Somehow I wriggled from the ropes and began to run again! I ran fast, past the sancutary with the gaurds, to the left, down the beech and up a mountain with large steps. When I got to the top, triumphantly, I hid in a bush and the guards passed. I made my down, and…tiredly…limped my way to the sanctuary. I was so very tired and fell, almost fainted, weak, at the driveway…

And could barely move as once again I was hog tied and being dragged back to the judge.

I woke up around then.


Heaven and Hell: A Dream

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Dream 4-20-09
I hide in the tunnels. I shouldn’t because I’m human, but now, they think I’m not. I’m some creature, being beaten down by the vicious witch from Voltron on her green, slimy dragon beast.

I crawl from the hole to my grandparents. I see a drawing. One way, it is a blad girl pale, horned, shrouded by black and demons besides her. She is hell. One way, she is a white angel, wings and reathers and the goblin creatures now soft and elegant; dieties of heaven.

My grandma and grandpa are posessed, monsters, pretending they’re normal but I know they’re not. Grandpa begins the chase, I run behind the house and have a running start on the gravel road. I run to the first bunker house with the children as grandpa looked and clawed, turning more and more into a vicious creature as I flew and jumped from one house to the next…

Somehow I was back at grandma and grandpa’s house, looking at a popup book. It showed Satan, masculine and red with fire at the southern equator of the earth holding it up like Atlas, while a harem or pale demoninc denziens were giving him a handjob. At the top, the north of the earth, was the white realm of heaven. An angel was holding, limpy with her hands like she was crufified a chain with a split, suspending the weight of the earth. She, or really, a transgender, was bald and naked, with linins whipping about with the clouds and her wings white and slowly flapping.

I turned the page to another story. There was a white haired, armored demon, dark skinned and almost like a Drow elf. He was in perpetual conflict at the equator of the earth with the right hand of God, the angel Heliosfaux. He had blonde hair, masculine and wearing golden and linen armor.

I was surounded in the room then by these vicious dark goblins inspired from Labyrinth and Bert and Ernie from Seaseme Street. Confused, I soon figured it out. I watched before my eyes the demon rape the sleeping Heliosfaux. There was screaming, crying gay pornography before my eyes!

It was finished and I closed the book, dropping it and heading past the bed. The goblins said that I, too, was to be raped, and there I was struck by a swarm of red thread. They wrapped tightly around my fingers, arms, and legs, pulling me face first on the bed, and I watched as the demon took form, and, with a condom and a tube of pink lube, set about to read himself to have at me.

For some reason, I kept crying out for my sister to help me. There was the fleeting image she was in the room, but it was a trick from the goblins gathered to watch as I was stripped, and looked about, moving, staring at the wall and the bed as I was thrust into, a demon taking me doggy style. I felt arousal, fear, and tears. The room was spinning, I was aware I made noises…but soon, I felt, I wanted it, I wanted this sex he was giving me, red thread around my fingers and the bed creaking with the dream-movements of copulation…

I had woken up when the wall spinned and spinned. It was 11:00 AM.

… hell of a dream.

The Dream Bait

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Dream the night of 3-7-09.

All seemed well. I crouched in the basement, along with thousands of others. Somehow I was here, and told to sleep…all my mind, was enslaved to the one thought; my body was needed no more.

Then I was in the swamp, with my siblings. We were playing, happily in the sunshine. But I knew thus it was a dream. A dream I did not like, the fact my body was weird to the Single Thought, under the influence of whatever evil the old geezers and Victorian women thought.

Then Freddy Krueger was there. He smiled and laughed, claws out and ready and chased us, chased us through the garden as I ran about. He stabbed at children, innocents, fleeing around in the yard. I stood behind a tree watching him kill and lash out like a beast. Then he noticed me.

I was pretty sure I had made a noise, a whimper, when I was sleeping. It felt like I had, for sometimes I can feel that I reacted out of the dream. It was a whimper. I ran, behind the shed, with him behind me, to the house. The shifting, changing house that it was. I saw my own body, like the others in the giant warehouse basement, kneeled and locked in the dream, focused on that one aspect, nothing more. I lept into my body and awoke.

I knew I must escape. what they were doing was wrong. I flew through the wall, and looked up to see the my bedroom windows. I flew up there, got dressed in a nice dress, as they made me wore, and flew down, beginning my trek to the street and down the road.

It seemed a long, long while, as I knew they would try to capture me and bring me back. I stopped to rest near the end of the street, and who should drive up but Grandma! But, she was one of them and grappled me into the car, driving me back.

Soon my house looked like a big church with dark brown bricks. I was inside, there was a party going to be on and all the linked, focused-sleeping people were inside the auditorium. I wandered outside in the hall, planning my escape. However a familiar old man told me to join them as I should, for I am but a tool and it is my rightful place. I pretended to be interested, wandered outside to the patio garden, and made my way to fly up to my room again through the window.

I procedded to dress in a very unique way. I thought I could fool them that I was a special being. The words swan, flower, maiden kept coming to my mind, and I put on a flowing gown. One half, the front was ruffled and white, while the back was a trailing red and black satin. I went down some hotel stairs, looking for the 3rd floor elevator, got in…but the top was open, and so I flew out and almost floated into a black abyss.

Stepping out, I was now on a dark beach, with a sunlight sky and a dark, brooding, pointed Gothic castle, long like a hall, with the poor dream-locked people inside, and overseeing the ocean, was the porch where my mother stood and a vicious, skinny, and vile-looking character who I assumed was the leader of this dream operation. I put a rack of antlars on my head, and flew about the building as a sinious dragon, undulating in the air, causing them to be in distress as the people awoke from the focused slumber into reality, from their dreams and made to be away from this orginization of the ignorant.