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Beware the Grease-painted Ones

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As last month’s post, I had found a lovely blog for clowns and clown enthusiasts, clownalley.blogspot. However in contrast…I have found a general opposite to this serious happy-normal clown blog. I found a website dedicated to the media and works of clowns projected as, well, evil.

Disturbing real news articles, pictures, artwork, links, games, etc. This place homages to all things anti-clown, whether making fun of them, fueling your Coulrophobia, or dabbling in the beauty of nasty evil clowns in art, movies, video games.

Another aspect of things to do with evil clowns is the popularity spurt recently. The 80’s and early 90’s had a peak of the evil clown subject in our entertainment with many slasher and horror movies/books  such as Clownhouse, Killer Klowns from Outer Space and IT. The 90’s then continued to a lesser-degree of the evil clown archetype by having some evil clowns in video games, and are now adopted as a cannocal ‘meme’, I would say, along with zombies, vampires, pirates, ninjas, etc.

Since the 2000’s however the rise of ‘evil clownage’ has become quite high. DC comics have become more and more mainstream and known and with it the popularity of the Joker, and evil clown, with not even help from the success of The Dark Knight. The ‘cannocal meme’ of evil clowns in video games, media, and internet meme has continued further and further. Pre-made D&D adventures sometimes are a plot of an evil carnival. Gothic music and horror musicians following from the fore-father Alice Cooper’s steps make music about evil clowns as a popular subject. There is talk of a new movie version of Stephen King’s IT. There has been an increase thusly of Coulrophobia, as the clown styles have changed. Modern birthday clowns usually don’t wear as much ‘augustian’ white face, but that is not only for reasons of society’s fear and picking-on their trade.

Certainly the traditional heavily painted faces of clowns from, say, the 50’s is definitely more prone to frighten people than the not-so white-faced clowns of today.

Lou Jacobs Soodles the Clown


With all this in mind, I have seen the proof myself. Last time in a Halloween store was 2007; not alot of pre-packaged clown costumes. Now in 2009 where I visited two different Halloween costume companies I was surprised at the amount of vile clown masks, decorations, makeup, costumes and etc. of all varieties. There were evil mime and harlequin outfits, vicious skull jesters of two colors, almost-Pennywise faced masks, blood-thirsty jesters, hanging dummies of motion-activated clowns that roared with maniacal laughter when passed by. Luckily there was even more assortment of normal, regular clown costuming and makeup, but that was less attractive than the expensive if you, say, wanted to become a chainsaw-massacreing birthday clown. Certainly the popularity of The Dark Knight that came out last year has certainly helped this influx along into another peak of popularity widespread; Evil clowns are the in thing. And now the internet meme of the zombie clown from the popular Zombieland movie that just came out has assured us that evil clowns are to stay awhile longer.

O_O CLOWNS! A Dream.

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Dream 3-22-09.

I await Bella, from Twilight, to run the length of the fence in the English countryside. A crowd gathers at a gravel pit in front of some buildings from a previous dream. I stand, and runa nd watch.

Then Pennywise the Dancing Clown pops up out of the turf.

Don’t see me! Please don’t Oh GOD! I think as I back away. Hopefully he will be distracted by ALL the people running away screaming from the evil clown. I run into the building, frigthened, go through a couple of levels and at the back on the conrecte of the place.

I go back, happy and safe, to a living room down some short wide steps, like a school. And there is Pennywise, socializing with some Confederate Civil War officers.

O_O I squeal and start backing away hoping he didn’t see me and he’s doing other things…but when I go back to the back of the building again and walking on the sides to another entrance, I turn and look behind me and…Pennywise is walking at a fast pace towards me with his evil smile.

I start running…it’s a long ways away! I keep turning my head and he’s still at the same paces away from me! All chuckling and evil and my breath is ragged, I start screamign and whimpering and whining, frightened to wit’s end! I swear I was at this point doing it loudly in my sleep…there were tears in my eyes!

I made it in, flew up the stairs to the previous level. There was a giant, long long hall of rooms and banquests and several dress parties and books. I leaned agianst the railing in the dark of the stairs up there. I felt calm and relaxed. Then I followed my old Girl Scout troop, somehow I was in my orange prom dress, and followed to dinner in the first room.

Then I looked to the stairs and Pennywise was coming. For me.

We were all scremaing and panicking by then! I ran out the room, however it was laboured and I was wearing a dress! I went through more dinners and banquets and DARED NOT TO LOOK BACK. Then I was through the maze of used books by the piles! In fact I felt he was so close as I went through, screaming and gasping I was climbing over the walls…a big wall and then I fell.

I landed on my sides and my leg was broken. I could feel the pain! The humiluation of not being able to run and move while…while…P-Pennyw-wise w-was…standing…r-right there looking d-down at me…

People were watching but couldn’t do a thing. I was kicked and I crawled down the shute into…downdowndown…

I landed on a pile of newspapers and a heatlamp. It was an abandoned half-done office with glass winodws all around. It was a half circle. With nylon strech cubicle walls for to make three rooms and the round part of the blue carpet room I was in was the hallways.  I dragged myself, no crawled to one room with a pond, tiled floor, a fireplace and half finished and styrofoam everywhere. I knew this building, looking outside the window I was under the big complex but the building was big and I was under a big overhanging…lost…abandonded…

I crawled to the other room. It had a toilet and a mass of tall intricate pipes going up to an overhanging with brown dirt in mounds. There were people there, gray haired, old and young…dirty…and holes in burlap up above. I crawled up to the edge, partially hanging on. An old man was talking to me.

“People up above in the greater book store occasionally fall into tunnels and tubs that, through those burlap holes that are rotting, come down here. Pennywise made them and picks us off once and awhile to eat.”

You can bet my face was very very very scared at this point. I crawled down the pipes and down to the floor crawling my way to the half-finished room.

There was paper on the wall with scraggly handwriting and a talking statue that looked alot like my friend Hillary. * O_o* It said…Pennywise would feed me. I could drink from the pond for it was clean and bathe in it. I had a warm fireplace. My sleeping place was the newspapers under the heatlamp. The only way I saw I could amuse myself was playing with the fake plants and Styrofoam. However there was also a black and white thick fashion magazine and I started reading an article about fat ladies capsizing in pools and drowning.

I decided, since I was limber and such, I could escape through the burlap tunnels to freedom, since the old people there did not have enough strength! I also feared I was only here to fatten up for Pennywise like the others up there…and worse. Why was I special?

I crawled up the pipes. I latched, despite hte burdan of my aching leg, to the rim. I asked the old man to help me up.

It was Pennywise that grabbed my arm. With a wicked grin and angry eyes.

The overhang was rising up! He was holding my arm as I dangled high into the air! if I fell I could hurt or even kill myself! I screamed and struggled, pleading with everything I had to please don’t kill me…please don’t…

He was angry I tried to escape. He dropped me.

I clung to the rim before the strength gave out. when I fell I grabbed a pipe halfway, then landed on the hard carpet, pain…weak…watching Pennywise swoop down and drag me by the hands to the window while I was definietely the helpless damsel in distress: however no one was coming to rescue me.

I was flopped and sobbing on the carpet and I felt warm hands on my face and body. He meant not to eat me…but something else as he kneeled by my side with drool from his white and red pasty lips.

Then I woke up.

Seriously dude. SERIOUSLY.

If you don’t know who Pennywise is…