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Disney Buying Marvel Comics

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’tis true!


This could mean potential bad news but, it appears, mostly good for the Marvel comics industry, Disney is buying plenty of shares of the company. Together Marvel Comics and Disney will use Disney’s fine team of professionals to further their business, merchandising and other such things.

However when one thinks of Marvel, one thinks of the badass X-men, of Spiderman and the Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Thor. Classic characters of our modern culture and fantastic adventures still stocking our bookstore shelves. Why would Marvel need Disney to help it along? They certainly make enough off movie companies with successful film franchises, further burgeoning along the comic book boom. *though I have noticed that it’s DC that’s been winning, with Batman and Superman graphic novels that seem to be more intelligent and captivating…not to mention Smallville and The Dark Knight.*

Then one thinks of Disney for children entertainment, Winnie the Pooh and Miley Cyrus. However Disney isn’t as innocent as you think nor is it just animation and pop stars. More and more Disney’s image is becoming many, many things and an important growing part of the business world, an industry-power. With the acquisition of Marvel, Disney now has the ability to further put Marvel in the spotlight with more merchandising, ideas, etc. I believe this is a ploy for both companies: Disney gaining a new ally under it’s belt in industry-domination and Marvel to ‘gain more speed’ in it’s Cold War race with DC Comics. Plus, Marvel itself is catering towards kids anyways.