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Darth Vader and Captain Hook: A Dream 5-5-09.

Posted in Dreams with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on May 6, 2009 by Sahkmet

Dream 5-5-09.

The beginning is a bit muddled. Somehow I’m some girl in a dress, going about and flying in Neverland, when I’m captured by Captain hook and the pirates, brought down to their ship in the dark.

For some reason I have sex with Captain Hook. DISNEY Captain Hook. THAT ONE.

I didn’t want it but seriously the only Hook I want is Jason Isacc’s Hook, not the animated one!

After that I was being paraded around…donuts…with the pirates…and then…

Some how then I was back in reality, a girl scout and some Girl Scouts around me were in Grandma’s yard, putting creasent slices of cake and orange cookies on their faces. Eventually the went away, and I was there with my sister.  I flew to the house roof, and, closing my eyes, feel backwards flapping my way down slowly. However when I reached the concrete my sister was yelling how I could have died, though I was in control. Grandma went outside, and somehow the concrete patio was reallly, relaly long and subdivided by the wooden fence. Following her by flapping, I came past a dark deadend, and under the wood…

Landed in an alternative version of the Carbon freeze chamber of <i>The Empire Strikes Back</i>.

I was running about, constantly seeing Darth Vader looking at me! I ran to another room , his lightsaber drawn, at a pace behind me and I was in a storage chamber with bright lights and red boxes. I backed up to a corner with some tables, and a bounty hunter plus Vader with a yellow saber was about to kill me! 😦

I raised my hands begging not to, I was there under the gaurd of the bountyhunter,  sitting there as Vader went aobut his business with stormtroopers and Imperial officers. I saw a camera watching me, mirroring in red that I was sitting there. Behind me, a purple heatvent.

I ran and ripped it apart, crawling down and down the wall and found another one soon. Another room almost like it. I went out but slid down a metal chute to a pile of boxes in a narrow long hall, with the chute, that lead to the room. Vader was there and not. Pleased.


I started to try and clamber up the metal and he threw lightsabers at me! I somehow activated a forcefield and blocked them! I ran, expelling energy to protect me as I went past him and lightsabers went and hit. I ran and ran form stormtroopers and Vader, down the hall, to the left to another giant room, up stairs and leaped off at the top…

I was floating, flying across, slowly descended over a small mini dessert. And I knew, I did NOT want to land.

Dream ended.