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Dream 8-9-09: Pennywise *again* and Samurai Tickler

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Dream 8-9-09.

It all began when I headed down a trail *the trail at a familiar church in Franklin Village, MI* and there was a concrete garage-building. Inside was my art desk, and there I sat with the one light bulb and some regular square windows drawing a red-headed Playbunny, art styled.  I headed back up the path getting ideas for drawings of Princess Peach and Bowser.

Turning back, my garage place was much bigger, but there were Renaissance people messing it up! They soon left when I returned, and the building grew bigger and bigger. Half of it had no roof and lost some walls, and overlooked a familiar dream landscape *a giant pool, and now part outside of a giant building warehouse.* I looked and was going to put my desk and orange giant chalk sticks somewhere with the good lighting when a samurai was running towards me!

I ran, past my mom who was there and to my right unto a field. I ran on the grass, tumbling and looking back. As the Samurai pinned and tied me up I had a good view of the large building. It looked like an office building, and inside I knew Kitleigh lived in there. There was the pool, the ruins of the garage building, etc. and rolling hills.

Then the Samurai started tickling me! I knew several days were passing, as I was for ransom and there were lies I wanted to be tied up with red ribbon in a baby crib…anyways, the tickling was getting unbearable, crying and laughing under his feet.

Limp and tied, I was soon dragged to the front steps of some house. Looking up…I came face to face with a fearsome foe, Pennywise.

He was like the book version with slicked back orange hair. However his eyes were a ghastly yellow and had a purple nose and lips. Her leered looking out the window of the door. I immediately made my way to crawl and run away.

Screaming I started worming and crawling through the meadow towards the very close pool. I knew he was behind me and in a short amount of time I had made it, rolling and squirming to the water. I turned into a penguin, and dove in, swimming as fast as I can through the deep water. I paid no attention to the dead albatross at the bottom, for it would make me sick, and already I was freaking out and staying near the surface. Soon I had made it into the dock, which led to the wonders of the ware-house city.

Turning human under the large alcove of the dock, I clung to the wall, meeting a few children. Pennywise apparently stalked the city-building freely, killing someone almost every night.  With them, I proceeded to ask for assistance about this. None gave.

I turned into the building, walking down the hallway and past the aisles of homes and the upper overlooking stories. It became dark the people went to their respect sorted ‘communities’ and to sleep, hiding from the stalking of the clown. There were the robos, the ravers, the normal ones, and other different types of persons of humanoid shapes. I was left alone in the pale yellow light of the hanging lamps.

I flew, flying towards the back with inflatable balloons at the top level of the big aisles. There I saw Pennywise eating a child on the back of a floating bear! But Pennywise had taken the form of a lithe, bright pink figure without hair. It turned into a mean, obnoxious woman and I knew it had seen me.

I flew, breath heavy and fast towards the otherwise with more balloons. I hid, snuggled, hoping he didn’t find me. But alas it was not so. I flew around, looking to escape as the blonde flying and toothed obnoxious-lady Pennywise was after me!

I reached the dock, landed in the shallow water.  She attacked and pinned me down. However there was a silly roleplay I had with my friend awhile ago…in reality that is. In it, we added the idea Pennywise has a foot fetish. Quickly I began sucking Penny’s toes, and he was immediately subdued. As soon as I could, I lept through the door, and away to safety!

At this point the dog had woke me up, but then I went back to sleep and continued.

Soon the warehouse-city was different. It appears there was some time past, and when I entered the city there was a floating sex doll of me! I was angry and went to the back corner, looking over this thing Pennywise had made of me. However it soon morphed into a someone I didn’t know, and then, well, I proceeded to…use it. I went into a dark corner, floating in between the crates, seemingly pulled and ordered to do so.

However apparently that was a criminal offense. In a blink of an eye I was in a rusty stall, facing the brick and half-plaster wall with my limbs chained to it. If I turned my arms twisted behind me, and since I could float and turn it kept me there, floating and chained. I could sit on a crate. I was naked, along with the rest of the inmates.

It was like bathroom stalls, with in this long corridor with only a wide, open barred window at the end. Time had passed of course and I knew this was one of the aisles of prisoners. The minor crimed ones, anyways. There were only a few people among the prison stalls, teenagers really. Beyond were the other corridors I couldn’t see with higher crimes.

Somehow I escaped! The place was much different, and as I floated along I had to hide my dirty, rust covered naked self from my grandma and uncles from the restaurant they were from. Quickly I made my way past the concert in the green room in the wall, and towards the locker room to get some clothing.

I was stopped however by my parents who came to rescue me. They got permission and I floated. The locker safes were either on the walls in the room or suspended from chandeliers. My number was 53, and I got a gray toga set that barely hung on me. Following my parents, we set out to be rid of this place.

The End.