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The Psychology of Edward Cullen

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Oh what have we found…

My Realm of Fantasy magazine for December 2009 came yesterday, and so I eagerly looked to my most favorite column, the Folkroots section now written by SatyrPhil Brucato. This month’s installment was about the archetype in literature and psychological functions of the ‘Demon Lover’, the bad-boy, the temptress, the evil powerful supernatural lover character of tales and reality.

My particular attention came to the paragraphs describing a particular type of Demon Lover that has become immensely popular, and that type is, in its example it talked about, Edward Cullen of Twilight fame.

Due to copyright, I will not post the entire paragraphs word-for-word because that is Brucato’s work (duh) and if you want, buy that issue, because Realms of Fantasy has just switched owners and it needs the money because the ads and work in these new magazines needs serious mental help and money for better staff. 😛 Luckily the stories are still quality.

A demon lover is generally a ‘bad’ one, a representational character of things morally not right or what we ourselves wouldn’t do, which makes them whether a seductive villain or villianess attractive to many persons, including myself. Their power to dominate, to go against society rules, to be an outcast and see a different perspective *whether good or bad* to be supernatural and stronger in many cases…this is what characterizes a Demon Lover.

However we are here to discuss what Brucato has helped to explain why multitudes of young teenager girls and other age groups of women have so flocked to the realm of Twilight. In my previous opinionated musings in my head, I had come across the idea that perhaps Edward’s ‘whiney-emo’ status was attractive because the style is Emo and Scene, and the genre that has been emerging in vampire-media has been known as the Vampires in the modern school social scene genre. I was close but I had yet to fully feel confidant in why so many people, that are yet not even that shallow-minded or that into popular culture, still flock to him.

You see, not everyone falls in love with a Demon Lover. There are still a healthy population of people that fall in love with the Heroic character, the Good Boys, the powerful that are moral and golden, Prince Charmings. But the reasoning with Edward Cullen is that he is a little blur of the Good vs. Bad lovers. Edward, that sparkling vampire, is a Demon Lover who goes against his nature for the sake of his chosen innocent girl Bella Swan. This type is unusual in the past of literature but has come up more and more as a popular form of Lover in our media. As Brucato writes;

“Maybe its because, like all archetypes, this immortal figure shifts to accommodate his time and culture. And perhaps, in an age of rape drugs and porn sites, celebricults and pro-anorexia propaganda, our whole world has become a Demon Lover…and in that world, the real transgression is to care.”

This provides the basis of why these characters, viewed as ‘whining emos’ or ’emotional tragic’ Lovers are now on the rise in our society. We have advanced to accept not just black and white in the power division but of gray-matter; more and more nations with their people are advancing to individualism and intelligence in each person, our capitalist market and internet reach the world over. More people believe in the attraction of Edward because he is sacrificing what he is to become someone better through love, into considering the social cultural setting. This is what has come-up in explaining why, and defending, Edward Cullen.

I hoped I have made the most wild of Twilight-haters, those reading, to consider a form of logical respect for his popular existence, however much they generally do not like in the fantasized Lover. Now that I have taken the time to analyze and write this out, I have discovered that indeed Edward’s archetype is past-attractive type for me. When I wrote the draft of my story S.W.A.N. my villain, Radu, was conflicted within himself to change himself for the reasons of love for female-lead Valerie. This was also not quite but still similar, an idea presented to another story villain Alexander in Rosa von das Roten Tod. However my villains in the end refused or could not actually change their attitude and natural ways of Demon Lover and villain to accommodate their chosen mate. This is where I find the lack-of interest personally for Edward Cullen, not counting the writing style and setting of the entire book series. However these are my preferences and explanation why I am not drooling over Edward. (another is my dislike how the author makes vampires sparkle. The sparkiliness however enhances his sacrificial-for-good qualities however, but still it mess with my preferences in what a vampire is)

I hope you have learned from and enjoyed my rambling of the Twilight explanation.