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Sekhmet is still Worshipped?

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So I’m on my Gaia account one day…

As a kid I Larped Sahkmet *the spelling I use*. Sahkmet is a goddess from Egyptain mytholigy.  She was the daughter of the son god Ra and would show his wrath in his name. She is the consort of the craftsman god Ptah.  She has the head of a lion, a sun disc on her head. She is the goddess of Wrath, Power, the control of nature. She was worshipped at apothecaries.  She was the divine symbolic form, as fire, of women.  Strong women.

So, apparently, she is worshipped TODAY either as one of the many names of a feminine form of nature, a spirit, a goddess…or as her own as Sahkmet the Goddess from Egypt.

How did I find out? I was on Gaiaonline, doing the Easter event, and one of her worshippers found me and we started chatting through PM. There’s an entire temple in Neveda to her even. And a Yahoo group even.

There’s some sort of phenomon of women suddenly encountering in their dreams Sahkmet, talking to them, whether they were doing wiccan worship or even thinking.

As for me, I used Sahkmet as like a totem-animal in a way. I wanted and still want to have a dominant personality, strength and physical strength, confidence and wisdom while dealing with the dog-eat-dog world of nature. I used to larp her with my siblings in an Egyptain-like country ruled by her, a wise figure, not yet meddling with all the espionage plans from the Peaceful Vegitarians or the war mongers…we had eleborate sci-fi like plots. Sahkmet was a wise vicious woman.

I grew up of course and now a teenager. In some respect, of course, now you know my internet usernames are usually ‘Sahkmet’. I took her name and applied it to my internet persona. I don’t larp her anymore, and my characters usually have the yellow-and-gold themes of royalty. I still like lions too.

What’s really odd, though, is that I talked occaisonally with a head statue of her at the Detroit Art Museum. Now I didn’t think it too unusual. I talked to my stuffed animals. then my pets. Still do, of course, becaus eehs’e a parakeet and lost her mate. She needs talking to keep her from going insane. But I talked three times out of my many visits with an idol! A god! I really, really, don’t know why I was compelled to talk to her like that but…I talked to her like a person for my whimsy. I got nothing like a response because I wasn’t looking for one. I didn’t think she could be real. That’s silly, right?

Well now all this was brought to my attention and that others have experienced a life with Sahkmet and now worship her…I feel I must have to say this is a coincidence, and they’re confused, and that they worship the IDEAL, not THE SAHKMET. That’s what they’re looking for in a God. Sahkmet’s name is just a temptlate for what they idolize.

For now, I know not what to do. Except, I should probably buy one of those books that are around about Sahkmet worship in the new age. There’s tons of them. Who knew?

I like her, and as a kid, for her qualities. But I have not been actively worshiping her. Now I’m being told she exists and is gaining new followers by being a part of their childhoods. Am I one of them, about to ‘see the light’?

Or is this just confused bogus?

All this disturbs me.

Hell’s Angels

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I just finished reading, well, what I could, of the english translation of Hell’s Angels online, which was sadly only 2 issues, really.

Still it’s a nice manga, with a wild, almost insane art style, following the adventures of a Rinne trapped in hell, still alive, at Destiny Land, a school in Hell. Graduate, and you can go to heaven. There she befriends a bevy of bodacious hellish babes, which includes horror icons such as a werewolf, vampire, witch, swamp monster, mummy, Death, even Phantoma based off of the Phantom from The Phantom of the Paradise, and Steela, a Frankenstien-creature of nothingness.

From what I read, it’s a dark and maddening read I’m sure many will enjoy. I was especially fond that there was such attention to Phantoma, based upon such an obscure movie. The author Hiromoto Sin-ichi must have enjoyed that movie to make a female version of the phantom.

I hope that the rest of the third volume will be available soon for translation.

The Manga for your reading pleasure!

The movie trailer, slated Feb. 2009 in Japan, so it should already be out…