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Dream 9-6-09: The Sacrifice of the Sailor Moon Army

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Dream 9-6-09

This dream was long and complicated, with so much things moving in and out of order. I will tell you as best I can but there are all sorts of things happening.

One part I remember is…well, I can’t remember the beginning! But somehow, I was sent after some event into our garden *twice as big* which had a deserted hallway building, instead of our plots of garden with the ‘hallways’ grass. It was an enclosed building now. There was a main room at the back with some clowns, inanimated but vicious if they were awakened form their doll-slumber. I crept past them to a room where a young maiden was with long black hair and a white nightgown. I turned into some black guy and I took her out with me, outside, unto a horse and rode out of the garden.

I don’t remember the inbetween, but I do remember a large group of kids, who were living under the mastery of the evil castle. It appears the lady in the other castle that was black up the snow covered hill was a witch who demanded sacrifices. So, I a new comer in their smaller gray castle there was writing on the frosted window demanding a ‘advent’ *in this dream world it meant sacrifice* and I was encouraged to dress in this beautiful black dress and a veil on my head. I was led out of the garden greenhouse where I changed to the castle, sitting down to dinner with some of the kids. The kids as proper wore formal outfits in reverence. I soon realized I was to stay with this skinny up-tight witch person, for some reason. And that reason was explained: I was to be a mistress for her son. Unfortunate the dream moved on before I could see him.

Somehow I had an out of body experience and the two main characters from that annoying TV sitcom King of Queens were driving down one of our main roads, at night, over a bump at a gas station. They felt worried that the truck heading towards it wouldn’t make it, but it did, and they continued down the main road till it parked along the side, and the man *forgot his name* crawled naked into a hole into the sand. Why? I had this strange feeling that he was going to masturbate…but that doesn’t make sense either. What a sick head I have. (why in a sand pit?)

Then from there it was daylight, and I was in a cage on a pole over the ground. There was a whole field of barracks and army stuff, and the army? Sailor Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter! A whole bunch of them, with the same hair is some were Asian or black. It was an army.

Their leader was on a horse and was riding towards me. She looked like a tired middle aged lady with long light brown hair wearing brown tatters, but she soon put on a white Sailor Serenity wig and approached me. She thought I was the proshipised Sailor Moon to help lead her troops (these cosplayers had guns and tanks man, they took this seriously) which, however, I was not. There were also young girls I saw being trained also.

I soon had a flashback to the previous ‘witch in the black castle’ part of the dream as I slowly woke up, tossing and turning.

The End.

Dream 7-25-09: Pennywise and Sailor Moon.

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Dream 7-25-09.
At Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, 2009 Session II.

It was the dark room from my childhood, the room where I had my sleepover in my first girl scout troop. There Pennywise appeared, saying he wanted to eat and rape me at the same time. With fear, obviously I began to run, moving away from his slowly advancing form. Then, he decided to stalk and chase Tim Curry in the room, since Tim Curry played his role and *like the 7th Nightmare on Elm Street movie* he wanted to terroize him.

I sorted the Tim Curry movies in one of the cabnits in our kitchen. Then, going outside past some past dream landscapes it was sunny and there was the building we were in *we being me, my siblings and mom*was the forbidden palace.

We were in the parking lot, and there was the partiality of a Winnie the Pooh rollarcoaster. The coaster was a silver Volkswagen beetle mom hijacked, and in it we went over the cliff edge…into a puddle of water that turned into a blue and purple-mauve friendship bracelet. We got out, dissapointed it was not even finished!

And so, heading across the street, nighttime, to our neighbor’s yard. Sailor Moon, Mercury and Venus had spied, but Venus was the betrayer! We were surrounded by these evil versions of power rangers, and this fat middle aged man with long brown hair. We were waiting for Sailor Jupiter, but she didn’t come, and so I turned into a sailor scout with green and mauve purple-blue colors!

I was weak though, and in the fight I was easily gropped and captured in the fat man’s arms. As I struggled and became controted, small, I saw this strobe light vision of a man in the night, with a strobe light, being crushes by a snowball with a pine tree in the middle.

The End.