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Dream 7-28-09: Princess and the Blue Lake

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Dream 7-28-09.

It was the bayou, more specifically, a warped version of the road to my grandmother’s house up north and the temple, from another dream a year ago. Well, There were a few houses, and behind them was the swamp and jungle, forest lands. I was there, and was discussing princesses, and there was Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. I followed her to one of the house-shops, victorian style facing the road. A king and queen from India *dressed however like 1600’s monarchs* were there, and as they stopped by I left down the road in my Blue Lake music camp uniform.

However as I went further away, remembering the electric temple in the woods nearby, I decided to head back. I went to the neighboring store, where the villain of the movie was there running it. I was absently minding my own business, him watching and I went out back into the woods.

As I turned down a stone path Kayleigh, a friend at camp, was there. She told me to pick up all these lotus flowers, because there was something around the corner. She left, and with the flowers I came into a stone arcade arena. I was challenged to a soccer match, in a slowly shrinking box, bouncing these white paper balls back and forth to the fourth goals, also everything shrinking. The villain was watching from the steps.

Then the box was on the ground, and I gymnastically and bouncingly stepped around with grace, finishing my strange task, forgetting all about lotus flowers. I sat on the steps and watched the villain converse with Mark Twain, his voice nasty and eyeing me with ill intent. His hands were hair with brown fur. He reached to me with his long fingers, and I quickly scrammed, scared of them!

The End.

The Princess and the Frog: Traditional Disney Animated Movie.

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I’m sure you might have known the news…

Disney is releasing later this year it’s first African-American princess, and the first official one in quite a few years. Not only that but thankfully it’s actually 2D animation like the good-ole days of yore. *HAND ANIMATED CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?* Hopefully it’ll be classic as Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Lion King in quality, songs, art and character. Hell I want to see it in theaters!

The style: It’s set in New Orleans. Involving jazz, frogs, voodoo and all that stuff that is much different than the usual European-royal fare of the majority of Princess movies of Disney. Course we have in similar vein the Arabian tale of Aladdin. Definitly not set in white-man’s culture. 😀 We actually have a black princess!

And then comes the villain. MY GOD. I found an article with new pictures of the characters and…like…wow…I’m so glad he’s so dark looking. Seriously, it’s been a long, long, painful while since we’ve had a movie that appears to harken to the days when cartoons were dark and violent in the 80’s and 90’s…and kids liked it. WOW. I HAVE CHILLS DOWN MY SPINE and it’s only a painting we have and nothing else.

First look at the characters.

IMDB archive.

I am giddy with excitement. And even also the beautiful, grand project of Rapunzel that they’re working on. *unfortunately pink mostly*

It’s a big, beautiful step for animation.