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Dream 5-2-10: Being the Knave of Hearts

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Dream 5-2-10

I haven’t done a dream journal in ages, and its not like nobody’s been avidly reading them. Time for a new entry, I guess

This time I was in and out of the POV of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland character The Knave of Hearts, aka Ilosovic Stayne. Before you judge me, know that after a year suffering through the popular teenager-girl fandoms that have not interested me at all (Twilight, Naruto, Bleach, Vampire Kisses, House of Night, etc.) I finally got a franchise that I actually enjoy and squeal about immaturely like the fangirl that I’ve always wanted to be. My maturity on this cash-cow film has been thrown out the window.

So, the whole land of Underland was my grandma’s suburb. There I was, in the head of some GIjoe dude and the army watching and patrolling as our ever dashing tall villain Knave of Hearts was on his horse, parading around trying not to be suspicious. Then I saw the Knave go into our white minivan and turn into some sleezy cartoon version of himself. Out popped a life-size version of Berkely Beetle, a weasily character from Don Bluth’s Thumbelina that I saw as a kid. Don’t ask me why he was there, for then they were talking nonsense and the beetle-man disappeared.

I was then in the Knave’s point of view as that character. The suburb turned into our own street right when the Queen of Hearts appeared demanding the Jabberwocky be let loose. So, I headed out, leaving the GIJoes behind as I made my way down the street. In the movie its unclear where the dragon’s located, so frankly I had barely a clue where to go, so I went with the flow. Eventually on the way down the street I was on my horse again, and the police car following me stopped.

The end of the street was deja vu. From a previous dream *the cat one* the park beyond our dead-end fence was a giant secluded lake, but it was still being worked on. A half-finished giant pink vicious rabbit statue was in the middle of the water. Regardless of that the bank was flooded, and I knew something was living in the puddle. To the left was the brown house, this time with workers working on it. To the right right up next to the edge of the street was a row of small houses. The story was, there was a hardworking mother who lives there but she’s old and can only sleep or eat beans. Her children she didn’t raise hardworking and they left her there, lazy-asses as they were. What did that story in the dream have to do with anything? The fact the Knave who patrols these ‘lands’ knows his subjects?

In any case hte Queen and an entarouge arrived, and she said some magic words and wiggled her hands. The Jabberwocky appeared from the lake, to do havoc.

I then woke up, strangely at 6 in the morning and hour and a half before I would normally wake up.

Dream 10-8-09: Beetlejuice

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Dream 10-8-09.

It began thus; I walked into a warped, different version of my boyfriend’s house. There I sat on the purple sofa sitting next to him watching a different version of Beetlejuice on the laptop on a table. This was basically like a repeat of one of my dates with him at his house, watching the movie in the same room.

However my boyfriend was not my boyfriend at all, but Beetlejuice himself! Surprisingly though we decided to makeout on the sofa, despite him not my boyfriend and how perverted and giggly Beetlejuice was being. I had to stop though because I had to tell Nathan my ‘boyfriend’ *he was actually a guy I only knew last year but nothing like that* that was breaking up with him to be with the awesome Beetlejuice. I went into another room and was, with every word I said to the sleeping Nathan saying I was breaking up with him, counting the links of this purple and pink plastic link of chains. Nathan though in the middle said he was asleep, and I soon ended and went back to the couch.  On the way I went through a short hallway, where one side was windows bright with sunlight and the other side was a white wall with shifting cartoonish colored artsy animals.

Back to the couch, I sat next to him, where we were shyly groping each other. But then I had a thought that I was to wake up soon, and he went to the other side of the couch, posing and sitting far away. I turned and laid at my side, just as my alarm went off…and I turned back to the left, looking over my shoulder as I mumbled “Goodbye Beetlejuice.” The dream world and him melted into reality as I watched, and after a few seconds I realizied I was awake!