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Dream 12-17-09: The Beginning of Wonderland

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Dream 12-17-09

This was a short one, since I barely remember the details of the beginning.

It was, well, this girl in orange…I was outside in the sunlight of our house, demented into the similar form of a church from a dream last week. Anyways I saw her enter into the swamp and I knew I could help her as she was trying to get into another dimension which was, well, Wonderland! *my owm that my dreams invented*

To help and along the way I took Huey and apparently my sister was following me. She couldn’t enter through the swamp, as Wonderland is a dimensional plane that goes into the swamp, but is NOT the swamp in our world. Its hard to explain, see.

Well I went, it was cloudy, through the garden to the back wal where Wonderland is located. While there dad was doing something to the lilac bushes against the wall. However from the wall was a big overhanging so up above was concrete with pack snow as our ceiling. I had to find the door again.

There was a sewer manhole covor…on the ceiling, and so desperate I pressed some of it and fancy contraptions came out, like a puzzle! I was solving it as my sister hovored nearby and soon a DS Lite poppsed out attached by a holder. It was on but nothing was happening. I knew that this was to confirm that me, for the first time, found this Wonderland all for me.

I yelled and stated calmly that I know Wonderland is in the wall, and it is from my own head, and that I have found it, so open the door! The top screen showed a creature who looked similar to Bowser who was named Mr. Puffton and he confirmed it so!

Just as he was exalting my name in a booming deep voice, and the wall was being opened…my alarm clock went off. I’m not kidding, it went off before I could go in and see how it changed!

This makes me sad. :<

Dream 12-11-09: Another Tim Curry chase

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Dream 12-11-09

I seem to be getting alot of chase dreams back into that olllddd formula again. This time it added a few more: Formula involving parakeet related anxieties, Tim Curry, and my own Wonderland that is located inside the wall at the end or our yard.

It began where I looking into a giant version of the cage where my parakeet, Lollipop, was in. It was located in the garden. As I looked inside there was, well, a baby bird in it! The cage expanded into some sort of aviary in the shade of our garden, and I also saw many birds. Oliver had long since died so, how could she have children? But they were adopted, as the parakeets revealed themselves as puppets, representations of a society to help insane birds like here. Strangely enough dad was in the cage too.

I pulled out some feathers that were attached to the door and was going to use them as new perches for the cage. Unpon inspecting the chicks though, they were many, and looked like ugly miniature apes! Disgusting.

Walking out I went towards the house, while a strange sort of drama occurred. My mind went into a sort of tangent, into a story about a princess running away and then men in robes…one of them Tim Curry apprehending her and, well, bad things happen. I returned back to my own body and was walked out unto a stage for some Girls Scouts. Turns out I was that girl in the past and had completely forgotten it till now! This time Tim Curry was wearing a red suit, and knowing this I began to run with him behind me.

I had run into the side of the garage where apparently, though I could see perfectly, I was half blind somehow. Another thing was the new houses put up next to our lot were not there, and it was just like the grassy swamp it was before. I ran through, back around into the garden. Tim curry was far behind me now…

I was nearing the wall. I begged aloud that the wonderland would return. And, with a bright light and the trees moved away it did! It turned into a gorgeous brick,yellow, and blue water park entrance! I waded through the water happy and glad and into a giant room filled with sports, water, talking happy people…and 90’s clothes. Everything 90’s, the culture of my childhood.

As I waded through glad that, at last, Wonderland came to  me to suit the needs of my escape I was going deeper inside to a door. Along the way however Tim Curry was dressed as a jester Red Wings hocky player, and was stealthily following me! I went through the door and was going through all different rooms of, well, typically 90’s homes and interiors. There were some secret trap doors I went through in their bathrooms into other homes, because since this was my Wonderland, it would suit my needs.

I felt I was waking up, which would explain when I tried to press the tiles of this last bathroom with Tim Curry closing in it didn’t work, and I pretended ot be whisked to the side into blackness to escape his fearful clutches…but it was a lie, for I woke up with the alarm.

Venger and the Wall. Dream 6-22-09

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Dream 6-22-09.

This is quite a long dream, and so the true beginning is quite muffled. I believe it started as I was Diana from the Dungeons and Dragons The Animated Series, an 80’s cult classic cartoon I have been currently re-obsessing about again.

Then it switched to multiple views. I was watching and wanting them, in the darkness of a garden at night, get more advanced and adultish clothing. I was basically in a way guiding and drawing their new powerful clothes. Then their enemy Venger came into view and started to attack, and I used them one by one to attack Venger! Unfortunately they were fallen as their weapons did now good. Venger looked at me, and I took off running.

The garden at night appeared to be in the back of our house. I ran, ran across into the stretched-out garden yard to the wall. I was at the left by the fence and the neighbor’s grass lawn and I went running by the wall to the right side. But Venger had gone over to await me there, and so I was running back and forth trying to evade him. His purposes I could not tell, but is felt so real, the pounding of the heart, my heavy breathing and even a few small screams.

Eventually there was an Arab older man I had never seen before trying to help him catch me, and my ends sealed, I began the memory: My own wonderland was to be accessed through the wall, as had my other dream! I could be safe!

There was a large pot, and shrugging off the impossible I dug inside the dirt. Soon I was at the foot of the department store as before, but it wasn’t that busy with the gentlemen. As I entered half the lights weren’t on. Some items were boxed in cardboard. I went through ot the Victorian rooms but they were stripped of everything. And when I entered the room of the satyrs, their plants were stripped, and they and all the citizens of the land were weeping and pointing fingers at me. Scared and concerned, but still eager to press on and check on things, I went through the room, the floor once again in a frenzy of turning cartoonish. I heard the voice of ‘welcome’. I saw people tired, like over-worked and fatigued servants, point and show the Mackinac fountain park and the general store. I looked around, seeing hte full extant of depression and decay of a former decadent fantasy.

And therein I heard the Candy Man. His voice was like Ian Mckellen and someone else I cannot place. It was as if he was chastising me. Perhaps because I escaped into this world when I shouldn’t have? That I should not run away from my problems to here! And then I saw him. this time he was dressed in a dark green suit jacket, a brown bowler hat and beige pants with his bamboo cane. He looked at me disapprovingly.

And so, unwelcome I left, scared and back into the real world. It was now light outside.

This part of the dream I am having trouble remembering what happened, but in that blurr of memory there was something…about Venger and my dad. and then after that I remember being chased again to the wall, but I was feeling quite bored. I went into the pot and found the miniaturized entrance to escape again but…it would not let me in. This situation was something I must do with, and not run away.

And so, I think that was the end of the dream. I can remember no more.