What you will find in The Blog.

Defining purpose and enjoyment.

The blog will and does contain:

Reviews, commentary and fun stuff of new and old movies. Ranging from classic ones, 80’s fantasy, new blockbusters, etc. Along with bringing up discussions and fun sorts of items related to them, cult films and even scripts of far-future works.

Interesting and creative little-known mangas.

Nostalgic commentary and items relating to nostalgic items, TV shows, and cartoons.

Interesting and fun stuff relating to some unique anime. *I’m very picky about what I spend time watching.*

Updates on my own art and writing.

Funny videos and links for humor to add fun in your life.

Updates on world events that mostly impact me enough to tell you, so it could impact you.

Vampires. Gothic literature.  News pertaining to them. Dracula actors. Their movies. Good, intelligent vampiric reads. And absolutely no Twilight and their knock-offs.

Support of my friends and family.

Yaoi. Pervetedness. Enjoy.

Recording of some of my more vivid and important dreams.

Stuff in my life.


The Redford Theatre.

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