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Dream 1-30-10: Being a Greek God and Palermo

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Dream 1-30-10

So it was I was a Greek god. I was Hercules and Captain Kirk of Star Trek at the same time. and then, I went fishing and hunting Greek sea monsters and serpents at the shore, with some persons. Not that interesting eh?

It was however, when I was returning, muscled and strong, to my girlfriend. Memories were in my dream-head of my girl with cute blonde locks, waiting for me. I also remembered some doodles, it seems, of myself being friends with another guy when we were younger. Apparently it had been a long, long time since I saw my girlfriend.

Returning to the gazebo area where the doodles had taken place, she was not there. I also remember the name of the man, named Palermo *pronounced Palairemo* and I saw a recital he was holding nearby. I knew he was a villain and I set up a decoy: A giant gray cloud form of myself looking down like a god, at the recital.

An annoying MC was singing with some children around a piano as I and the crew of the OS and NG Star Trek went sneakily around, into the backstage, climbing up the stairs to face Palermo.

It was a hologram but I didn’t know it at first. I had the image of some sort of juicer…somehow…while I ranted to him about he stealing my girl. Soon I realized it was not real, so I went to another room to find him in bed with the girl!

My girl had turned into a fat tranny. I was devastated that she truthfully didn’t love me anymore…that she had moved on. Palermo gave a blank evil face as I went away back into the white light of the office where I previously was, defeated.

Dream 1-24-10: Big D influences my life

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Dream 1-24-10

The beginning of the dream was that my bed was now on the floor of my room, just the mattress, and Kitleigh and I were having a sleepover sharing the same bed for some reason. I walked in and out of the room *there was some other part of the conversation I’m forgetting* and found dad had picked up and cleaned out the bathroom entirely, including the built in sink. o_O to clean the floor. Thus no toilet, so I couldn’t use it. I went back to the room, and daylight soon became apparent: Kit had to be home by 4 and it was already 1:00, so we went downstairs groggy and sad.

But the kitchen demented: the french doors opened to a corridor much like the dark, curtain-door dressing rooms of a store I recently shopped at. The floor was flooded as I wandered through. However my sister ran ahead of me, giggling, and I was afraid, what with the door beyond was scary *it was a portal!* I looked behind on of the curtains to find a mirror. However to the corner of my eye to the next curtained cubicle with a mirror…Tim Curry as Darkness appeared smiling.

You bet I was scared. I yelled for my sister to return, but too late! I heard him behind me, people screaming, as I ran for the portal…

Getting through, I was, well, I don’t really know. But soon I had gone through into a strange museum, warped from previous visits to the DIA and the Chicago art museum. As I ran, I soon found I was running through a museum of archaic sex toys. The good thing was though, that these didn’t look like…those things at all, but the different galleries and rooms had strange steam punk objects, sculpture art, and other things. Soon the girl following me actually was meant to chase me and hurt me, so I hurried along through a confusing short labyrinth of bedrooms in different styles, before hitting a wall in a very tall, small room. There on the wall was a giant blow-up projection of an internet start page.

Big D, as I call Tim Curry Darkness, was their laughing, and the only way to escape was to type in a new address to go to.  Using incredible mind strength I barely managed to type the address to deviantART…and boom, the wall turned into a doorway. I went through to find myself in a very strange place…a mix of the bridge-view of Hogwarts, another dream from my childhood and lots of greenery. I walked the wooden planks, passing by a group of monks on a hill chanting.

There was a blurry part of the dream. I think I had found I was safe now, and I then became a golden Andalite creature. Once that, powerful and divine and supremely awesome I went back to to the monks. The sick old monk, on the hill in golden robes, was about to die. I stood over him and offered to save him for a price…indeed he paid it, with a kiss, and he was saved.

By now I was waking up, on the gradual trip to being awake: during this my legs were moving as I was waking up and in the dream I was walking away from the hill, and soon, awake.

Dream 1-17-10: Mike Nezzie and the Yes Concert

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Dream 1-17-10

It had begun when I was driving the blue van, half tired, in the night while sitting in the seat uncomfortably. Somehow I looked like a young Steve Howe and in fact, I was a member of the band Yes. Well, I went unto the wrong road, was berated for it by my dad, and took the long sleepy half-conscious journey around to the road all the while thinking how terrible Yes was now in the 80’s.

I had somehow gotten home to our yard, whereupon I was myself! There in the grass-garden patch was a small rabbit nest, where therin I kept a small cute brown rabbit. Well as I was running around the yard there were three more white little rabbits and a white birds, which I had to scurry into their nest trying to keep them to stay so they won’t wander and get crushed. My grandma was nearby.

Somehow or another I felt…there was a purpose, or something, but another part of that ‘purpose’ came to my attention. As I ran with some terrible fear to the end of our yard Micky Dolenz of The Monkees was chasing after me to the far right!

Micky wouldn't harm a fly!

He’s a great guy and all, but he just looks like a gremlin! However much he is in reality my dream said he was bad. The wall at the end of our property turned into four layers with 2 foot alleys in between, so it was like stepping stones as I leaped and hopped across screaming. He was just about to grab me.

I don’t know, things morphed out when I was on the other side. The condominium neighborhood turned into a dark room with a bed, a red version of the room at my grandma’s well, Mike Nesmith was there, that hot little Monkee, but on the phone. He was talking to his wife! Jealousy raged, and he looked at me coldly. I knew I wouldn’t get anything, for he was staying true to his marriage and went out the door.

Nooooo! Don't leave me and grow old! Stay as you were in the 60's!

I then proceeded to wail and feel the full brunt of sexual frustration boil within me while wearing a red sheery sorta outfit. I kept trying to close the door but grandma, outside on the lawn with the white rabbits *somehow this room was where the treehouse was, outside, with an open roof, located in the yard* but the door kept opening, because either there were gray cats swarming in or the door actually was too thin to close properly for privacy. Desperation turned into fear as I walked out and, well, someone let my two parakeets loose outside.

Before I could catch Oliver and Lollipop, they flew into a cloudy fermented fishtank with water and the lid snapped shut! I panicked, and stuck my hand in and pulled out Oliver, who was not breathing. I laid him on the grass and pushed on his chest, and soon his feathers were turning into geometric circle patterns….that meant he was alive…but yet strangely in reality, Oliver is dead. Somehow I believe this imagery was some demented mix of the fact 1. In the real world Oliver died last year and 2. in the dream he’s supposed to be alive which makes a sorta godly figuration of geometric curling feathers and sparkles without him moving.

But Lollipop drowned. In reality, she’s still alive, albeit depressed.

I soon woke up with the horror of her dead in the dream, but really she’s alive.

Dream 1-16-10: Tim Curry the Sorceror

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Dream 1-16-10

It began when I was touring the countryside around lakes and waters, over bridges and such, with the sorcerer Tim Curry. Frankly, he was dressed as The Dodo from that sci-fi channel movie Alice.

Well quite frankly I was like some…apprentice I guess? But no, I decided to help the people. I don’t remember exactly what I did, but when I jumped off the shore to the giant lake, after apparently helping some people. Tim Curry was very mad…I ran screaming as his Dodo oafish form was rumbling across to me.

I made it to a mutated version of Grandma’s house on a hill in her suburb. Inside was a salon where girls were getting haircuts, along with my brother and sister. My sister was getting hers done whereupon my brother was amusing himself by putting on wigs.

Just then a guy walked in, who was almost bald and looked really cool, which I immediately wanted to impress. I went to the head lady and asked for a  buzzcut like his, since I knew I was right for him. Well she then with a sly smile led me upstairs into a dim living room sort of thing…

She left, and when I followed I couldn’t get out, there’s an invisible barrier! I went backwards, taking out a stick and prepared to fight. But then the two young ladies came back, showing me in the back *which was my grandma’s family room* that my siblings were twitching, eyes glazed open. They were stuck in an alternate version of reality doing written tests! I had to wake them up.

I carried out my brother in my arms through the door, laying him on the ground and trying to talk and yell him to reality He did wake up but he was pretty weak. Then I went for my sister, whereupon it took a long time to wake her up. I had to keep shaking her as I ran down the backyard hill…because there was a bounty hunter showing nets at me!

My brother had ran ahead of me but I was lugged down with my poor sister. I ran and dodged, looking at the bounty hunter as he shot the harpoon nets at me. He had some sort of gas mask and a hat, and certainly ruthless. Soon I made it into the shelter of the trees when I woke up.

Times a changin’

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In case you cared.

New semester has started. College begins this Monday with my English Comp and Algebra class. Good grades in my high school here are OEC. Having some dreams of anxiety.

Kilelr tornados destroying our house. Some little sleep and waking up early to shovel snow. Running from Biff because I seem to be Kevin from Home Alone and don’t want a wedgie. Etc. small dreams of terror of the education system. At least they are not involving Pennywise.

Another update: I had broken up with my boyfriend in November last year, so don’t worry. I have learned not to lower my standards and become a despterate virgin. What a douche, but he’s out of my life now.

I have started to type in my old stories from 2004-05 *12-13 years old* onto dA. I shall make a special post with some of them later.